Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring 2011

Hoorah!  Spring is officially here!!!  Today, in addition to grouting tile, I planted seeds.  We didn't finish the grout- we ran out- oops.  We will pick up another tub tomorrow when V picks me up from work.  I can't believe I have to go back to work tomorrow.  What a whirlwind 'vacation' I had. Work will be almost relaxing after this week.
But... seeds.  I planted 9 varieties of peppers, 11 varieties of tomatoes, 2 different tomatillos, eggplant,  litchi tomatoes, lemon balm and summer savory.  I'm hoping to have lots of seedlings.  I've started some for myself, some for our friend Jim and his first garden, and some for the plant sale.
Tomorrow night, we will finish grouting the kitchen floor and hopefully install the island counter.  I will get to cook in the new kitchen- Woo Hoo.  Over the next few evenings I will start putting things away, although the pantry cabinet isn't assembled on the inside yet and we haven't installed the drawer or door pulls.
But still, we pretty much did it.  I wasn't sure if we could actually accomplish the kitchen in a week, but we did.  We would have finished the tile tonight except for running out of grout.  But we are close.....


  1. Now don't forget to go back and seal the grout, LOL, that's the one pain in the butt chore that never seems to get done on time around here LOL!

  2. Being at work will give you a great chance to catch your breath and save your knees and back for a little while. Give them a much needed break!! can't wait ot see the finished floor!! What color grout are you using? ...debbie


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