Thursday, March 24, 2011

A ho hum Thursday

Not much going on around here.  We're still slowly trying to finish up the trim and unpacking in the kitchen.   I can't unpack a bunch of the food because, of all things, the company forgot to send the shelves for the pantry cabinet.  We complained and they are sending them directly to our home- but we don't have them yet.  So, the pasta and canned goods are still living in boxes.  sigh.
V has had a brilliant idea.  We are going to take the drawer base that we had been using for the island (it had already been repurposed from the basement) and put it into our pantry in the space under the shelves.  It will fit and we can put another cabinet with a door beside it to give that space a more finished look (and keep the kitties from exploring around too many things.  We have extra tile (purposefully) that we will use to tile the entryway/stair landing in front of the pantry.  That will come together some time soon, hopefully. Because that area is unheated, I'm hoping to be able to use one of the drawers for some upstairs storage of potatoes.
I planted a few more seeds today.  I decided to start some romaine lettuce early so I can set out little lettuce seedlings in a few weeks.
I really need to get started on planning the chicken coop.  Our chicks arrive the first week of May and while they will be in the house for a while, we need to get the coop built before V is too busy with his book deadline to be able to help.
All in all, not much going on- lots of little things.  In a way, it's kind of nice to have a bit of down time.  We're between big projects for the house and gardening season is just barely getting started.

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  1. Busy for sure - I can't wait to see the coop develop!


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