Thursday, March 10, 2011

Probably not the best way to meet the neighbors

This evening, we are finishing up clearing out the kitchen cabinets. Around 830, V stepped outside to throw something away in the barrel.  He heard a boom and turned to look.  The sky to the West was glowing orange with sparks flying up into the air.  He came in, grabbed his coat and ran west to our fence line.  From there, it looked like the barn next door was ablaze, so he called 911.  Then he climbed the fence to go see if anyone was home.
It turns out that the farmer next door was burning some trash (the booms we heard were evidently some aerosol cans he had tossed in).  WTF?!  Who starts a fire at 830 at night then goes inside to watch TV?  Well, V knocked on the door and told them he called the fire department.
Like I said, probably not the best way to meet the neighbors.  Of course, we have been here for a year and a half and have rarely even seen them out and about.  When informed that we had moved into the old vet clinic, the farmer asked- "What are you doing over there?" and seemed a bit surprised when told we were turning it back into a house.  sigh...
At least it was only boxes on fire.

I've got most everything out of the cabinets.  Even V decided to help this evening and cleared out the cleaning supplies from under the sink.  Tomorrow night we start for real.  OOOOhhhh.....

I moved the small appliances off the counters and onto the top of the dresser in the our bedroom.  V saw them, raised an eyebrow and said that my taste in bedroom toys is getting interesting.  Men...


  1. Well that definitely made for an exciting evening, but doesn't he know aerosol cans don't burn?

  2. They don't burn but they do blow up! I've seen him out burning all manner of things that I wouldn't burn. Oh, the things I could probably repurpose out of his burn pile....

  3. What a kook!! We hate it when our neighbors burn things - stinks up the house and I have to close all the windows and my nose stuffs up!
    Good luck with the kitchen being started. Hope you get started on time!! Can't wait for pictures!...debbie

  4. Chuckling...I like his sense of humor.

  5. I bet he doesn't do that again LOL! I had a Kitchen Aid next to my bed during our remodel LOL.....


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