Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Seedy Saturday

I got to plant more seeds today!  Yeah!!!  Spring is around the corner- even if it was snowing again (sigh).
This afternoon I planted Red Acre cabbage, a few kale seeds (These are really for the fall but I couldn't resist), broccoli and cauliflower.  They are in with my little parsley seedlings and my little leeks.
I can hardly wait until I can plant the 'main season' seeds- but we are still a couple of weeks away.  And I will be starting extras again this year.  My friend Jim, who recently bought a house, wants to start a garden on his new property.  I told him I would help him pick the best location and that he could borrow our tiller to dig his new garden.  He was really excited when I told him I would give him some seedlings for his garden.  And I will also be starting seeds for the second annual plant sale at our church.  Last year we raised several hundred dollars for the crisis center (our local food pantry).  Last year, I took in extra plants that I had started but I just took what I had since I didn't learn about the plant sale until I had already started seeds.  This year, I will be starting more seeds to sell.  Last year, the garden plants were our best sellers. All my plants sold last year, but I had lots of hot peppers and unusual varieties of tomatoes and a few people were unsure about them.  This year, I will make sure I plant plenty of extra bell peppers and some more 'traditional' tomatoes that will sell more readily.  Last year, people bought black tomato seedlings but weren't really sure about it.  But I guess it was a great introduction to heirloom tomatoes.  This year, there will definitely be more beefsteak tomatoes (Amana Orange and regular red beefsteak tomatoes) and varieties that people will recognize.  I'm also planning to plant some extra herbs because those sold well last year as well.  Maybe I'll even plant some extra parsley this week so I've got some nice extra seedlings to sell.
Today, I also packed up a few more boxes of kitchen stuff.  I did the coming week's menu plan and figured out what I needed to leave in the cabinets for this week and next.
Tomorrow will be a crazy-busy day.  First, J16 and I will be working at the pancake breakfast at our church.  It is another fundraiser for the crisis center.  And, the more exciting thing about tomorrow is that it is K10's birthday!  So, I've got to frost the cake that I baked today.  True to our birthday tradition, we've got a fun, theme cake planned.  I'll be sure to post pictures tomorrow.
Now, I think I'm going to go have a little drink and watch a movie with the children...


  1. You certainly appear excited about all your plantings...and here it snows...booo! Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy! Can't wait to see his cake! Just seems like I was reading about the church having it's church sale - time is flying by huh?!...debbie

  2. You are starting more seeds, and I'm starting less LOL! For the past few years I also grow the veggies for the Master Gardener plant sale since most people offer cuttings and divisions of perennial ornamentals, I'll still be doing that, but the seedlings I used to offer for my annual seed swap are going to be missing this year - too many inconsiderate people at the party take from the trays labeled "THESE STAY!"... can they not read?! They were starting to look at me as a free plant source, no more!


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