Thursday, December 1, 2011

A curious thing

In the past two days, I have found two eggs on the floor of the coop.  Yesterday late afternoon, when I went out to check (we got 7 eggs!!) there were no eggs in the end nest box (they don't like that one much- I think it's too exposed) two eggs in the middle box and 4 in farthest box (against the wall).  And there, on the floor next to the wall almost in front of the next box, was an egg.  Hmm...  I wondered if the prime nest boxes were occupied and someone couldn't wait.  Ok, no problem.
Then this evening I went out to check. None in the end again, one in the middle and three in the far box.  Not too bad for the first of December.  But, when I turned to check to make sure they have enough food, there on the floor, right by the feeder, was another brown egg.
Now I'm really confused.  Two consecutive eggs on the floor??  Could I have a new layer who is inexperienced?  I thought all the girls were laying already (although with almost everyone laying brown eggs, it's hard to tell) but I've never had everyone lay on the same day- the max I've ever gotten was 8.  Or could there be something else that is making one of the girls lay on the floor?  Anyone with more chicken expertise, feel free to weigh in!  Until this, I haven't found any eggs on the floor since September when most everyone started laying.  I think most of the girls laid their first on the floor and then figured it out.
Or, maybe, as K11 suggested, someone is just sad because of Buffy and is protesting.  Um, yeah.

Oh, and it's snowing here.  We're not supposed to get more than an inch and it's supposed to get back near 40 tomorrow.  What weird weather we're having.


  1. Interesting..

    I don't know much about (ok I know NOTHING about) egg laying but that seems strange.. Maybe they were warmer in the middle.. I know I liked being warm when delivering my kids ;)

  2. Mine do it as well. We also have one hen that will move eggs out of the nest.

  3. Cold here too...but no snow yet. YET.

    I have always had chickens that will scoot their little booties over the edge of the box to drop eggs in unsuspecting places. This latest bunch have been pretty good about keeping them in the nesting box, though...

    Chickens are a MYSTERY
    woman.Haven't you figured that out yet? lol

  4. I've had "accidental" eggs on the floor of the coop - I wrote it off to the fact that their favorite nesting box was in use and it HAD to be laid. I'm trying to get my one pullet to stop laying outdoors (not handy in the winter) and start laying in a nesting box.

  5. We would have chickens who 'regressed' for one reason or another and would start laying on the floor again. I chalked it up to their box was full or other hens picked on them enough that they wanted to be by themselves. Eventually the dynamics of the chicken house would change and sometimes they would go back to laying in their boxes.

  6. No rhyme or reason we humans can figure out as to preferable egg laying sites. We've found eggs on the floor frequently, too. A time or two even a whole clutch of eggs on the floor. Like one hen deposited hers there (for who knows what reason) and the other hens thought, "Oh, I can lay my egg on the floor, too?" I don't really mind except when somebody decides to start eating eggs! Then that calls for some laying down of rules in the hen house.

  7. Jenn- LOL! I guess I wanted to be cooled off when I was in labor.
    Phelan- Moving them out of the nest- now that is curious.
    Akannie- I'm pretty sure these weren't just because they were hanging over the edge- Unless they have cannon fire egg laying. And, yes, chickens are a MYSTERY!!
    Susan- I've only ever had one egg laid outside- and that was probably my fault because I blocked the door of the coop while I was shoveling out old bedding.
    Ed- chicken house dynamics may say something. Buffy, who died last week was the queen of the flock so I wonder if someone is ending up on the short end of the pecking order for nest boxes as they sort themselves out again.
    Mama Pea- Oh, I'm so glad I've never had an egg eater, but I worry if they keep laying on the floor that one will be broken and who knows what then.


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