Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumn starts with a bang

Today is the Autumnal Equinox.  Fall officially begins a little later this morning.  And it's starting off with a bang here.  We've got a FREEZE WATCH for tonight!  Really, a freeze?!  It's not even October yet!  No fair.  But then, what has been fair about the weather this year...
While I'm getting tired of processing the garden produce I'm also not quite ready to call it quits on the garden.  The weather guys are talking about widespread frost with the possibility of scattered hard freeze in spots.  So... I'll be hauling out my old sheets (good thing I salvaged them when my MIL cleaned out the linen closet) and covering things out in the garden.  I do hope I can salvage my squash. The Long Island Cheese is finally really producing and I'd love for some of those to be able to ripen.
This afternoon we'll be bringing in all the house plants off the deck.  With the new big windows in the library they should really like it in there. Even Franz Joseph, the black hungarian pepper replacement for Eric the Jalapeno will come in, probably living in K12's room like its predecessor.  So today will be a busy, busy day... but what's new, right?

I'll see if I can report in later to see what has gotten done.  I also see a produce run to Jim today.  Somebody has to help up us with all this produce.


  1. Yep, we've got frost warnings for the next two nights also. No sure what I want to make the effort to save. Have the cold frames on the tomatoes and peppers. I really haven't had much of a harvest from the peppers yet so want to save them if possible. There's even been the word s-n-o-w bantered about for us.

    1. Ugh, they've now changed it from a watch to a warning. And not just frost but freeze. They're talking maybe down into the upper 20's. Yikes!!


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