Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I've been lax

I realized that I haven't posted an Independence Days Challenge update for several weeks.  Things have been so, so busy that my usual Friday posts have slipped by without an IDC update.
So here goes- an update for most of September.
Plant something-  Oh baby, yes!  Greens and radishes in the greenhouse. I also planted some oats in a pot for cat grass so Spaz doesn't munch on the houseplant too much.  Since I'm not very good at picking the blossoms off my herbs I noticed that the basil in the herb spiral had gone to seed and there were little basil seedlings out there. So, before the big freeze I dug up a couple of tiny seedlings and put them into a pot to bring inside.
Harvest something- tomatoes (both green and ripe), peppers, eggplant, zucchini, winter squash, cucumbers, eggs, herbs.  I still need to dig the last of my potatoes.
Preserve something- canned: salsa, tomatoes, pizza sauce.  Frozen: diced peppers, roasted peppers, broccoli, eggplant parmesan casseroles
Waste not- V rebuilt the old garden shed and we repurposed lumber to use for the foundation of that.
Want not-  V built me a greenhouse!!  Rediscovered canning jars in the barn.  Stocked up on shredded cheese on a one day sale at the grocery and stashed it in the freezer.
Eat the food-  Where to start...   We've been trying to eat almost exclusively from our stores.  About the only thing we have purchased in the last couple of weeks has been dairy products (including milk and the cheese stash), juice and apples.
Build community food systems-  I took a huge care package of produce and eggs to Jim.  4 dozen eggs went to work.
Skill up-  I've been reading up on 4 season gardening.  Imagine that!

Now I'm fairly caught up and can start fresh this week.  I hope I remember.


  1. Is there a good pizza recipe you have? Would love to make some to freeze.. we love our pizza here!

  2. Replies
    1. LOL! Although I do have a fabulous crust recipe as well.

  3. Busy busy--you guys already had a freeze? We haven't down to 38 one night, but the next night was back up to 58!

    I'm jealous of your greenhouse. I had one,but it was a plastic covering that got ripped up by monster winds. I want a new one. lol

    Still drying/canning tomatoes here, and drying lots of herbs and generally having fun. The chooks just ate the last of the pepper plants a couple of days ago, so those are finished.

    I'm ready for a winter rest, and I bet you are too!

    1. Yup, we got down to 29 on Monday morning. Of course, now it is back to being in the 40's at night but it's a bit too late for my tomatoes.
      And V got me this greenhouse kit a year and a half ago. We talked about a hoop house but the wind on this hill would shred the plastic in a heartbeat.

  4. Replies
    1. Oh, I'll have to check it out. It's always fun to see what everyone else is up to.

  5. Impressive as always. Judy, what is your recipe for pizza sauce? I would love to make one but its not in any of my canning books.

    1. Ah, but remember that this is several weeks worth of progress. And I'll post the recipe later.

  6. I would hardly consider that 'lax'! I'd like your pizza sauce recipe, too, if you can squeeze it in during all your 'laxing...;o)

    1. I was referring to be lax about posting an update.

      But I like 'laxing!!


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