Friday, September 21, 2012


Ok, another rant coming on here.  Yes it's political but nothing to do with the national elections.

Rep. Steve King (R- IA-- although I honestly don't care what his party is!) is an idiot.  He is an embarrassment to the state of Iowa.  I can't imagine how this man got elected and I do sincerely hope that his district (thank God it isn't mine!!) will have the sense to not elect this man to another term.
He is now complaining about the "nanny state" speed limit because he feels it wastes 'lifetimes'.  (read here, he thinks that safety or fuel efficiency isn't as important as getting him there faster) He also doesn't like energy efficient lightbulbs, preferring, as he calls them 'patriotic' edison bulbs.  He brags about drilling holes in his water saving shower head to increase the water flow.  The man is an ecological and social nightmare.

I'm sure he is all for more drilling and mining of fossil fuels (drill baby drill!), is the best friend of Monsanto and feels climate change is a hoax, regardless of what the science shows (I'm sure he doesn't believe in science either!).  And don't get me started about his bigoted ideas about social issues.

So, PLEASE, fellow Iowans in his district, when he comes up for election, boot him out. He is a disgrace to the good name of all Iowans.

Oh, and he also wants to get rid of the Healthy Kids initiative on school lunches.  He doesn't seem to think that an 850 calorie limit on lunch is a good idea for students, worried that some students may go hungry.

Here ends the rant.


  1. Ha! CatMan always says that people who don't believe in science shouldn't be allowed to benefit from it. I wonder how fast he could get to his very important destinations in a horse and buggy...

  2. Reminds me of the Idaho senator, Bill Sali, (with a brain injury) who tried to start a bill that said there was no gravity. I'm not kidding. Lickily he didn't get re-elected.


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