Saturday, September 29, 2012

Photos from the end of September

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here.  Sunshine, upper 70's, light winds... the perfect day to sit on bleachers and watch a marching band competition all afternoon... right??
Today was the Little Hawk Invitational band contest.  This is the 4th performance in 3 days for these kids.  And they did a fabulous job.  Since they were the hosting school they did an exhibition performance only and weren't in line for any of the trophies.  In addition to City High, there were 12 schools there in competition classes 2A, 3A and 4A.  LOTS of teens amped up!
 There is my oldest son:  Looking sharp in that uniform.  Band uniforms are certainly much more stylish now than they were when I was in high school!  And I love the sparkly plumes!
 Here they are, ready to begin the performance.  They did a selection of Billy Joel songs.
 In action!!  I was going to upload a video but my file is too big for blogger to handle and I'm not inclined to upload to YouTube at the moment just so I can post it here.  Maybe I'll update later if I'm so inclined.
Iowa City High School is lovely, rambling old WPA building set on a hill.
They just don't build schools like that anymore.  Off to the left, with the columns is the auditorium.
 Check out that lovely carved detail over the door.
Autumn is definitely here.  The trees are changing and the view from the deck is becoming colorful.
And the boxelder bugs are gathering.  It's time once again to start checking the coffee cup in the morning doe unwelcome visitors.  I like my coffee without extra protein, thank you very much.

Now, I've got tomatoes to wrangle and a squash (one from Mom) that looks like it needs used very, very soon.  I've got to get I15 through the shower since the homecoming dance is tonight... and he's voluntarily going!! No date since his 'girlfriend' broke up with him (although she still emails him nearly constantly, LOL!) but the fact that he wants to go indicates to me that my little boy is growing up. sigh....  they grow up so fast!


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    2. Oops, I didn't take any photos of him. But he did wear his good black pants and a shirt with buttons!! But no tie. Couldn't get him to go that far. He says he's not sure if any of his friends are going other than Rachel... and I believe she is going with someone else. But he's been there for an hour and half yet and hasn't called screaming to come home yet!

      Oh, and nice new profile photo. I almost didn't recognize you.

  2. Hi there,

    What fun to go to the band competition.

    Great pics. 'cept the box elder bugs oh I can't stand those things. They are either born pregnant or they are 'H'. lol There is never just one of them. I have had them dive bomb me when I am trying to sleep. I have had to keep them away from my little boy. They have attacked me in the bathroom. I have had to do a bug check before sitting on the toilet. :(

    I saw millions of them on a fence down the road from me when I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. They were all 'hooked up' to each other making babies. AGHHHHH....It was gross

    Saw two just today outside by our front door. One was close enough to 'get' the other too high to reach. Oh dear.. lol


    Glad your weather is nice. I hope it stays nice. Have a great weekend.
    Take care, Janet W

    1. The boxelder bugs are fairly harmless. They're annoying but that's about it. What I hate with a passion are the asian ladybugs. Not real ladybugs but the nasty imported ones. They smell horrible when you squish them and they taste just as bad... don't ask how I know.....

  3. There is nothing like a man in uniform! Sharp, is right! What a beautiful school. You are so right - the school buildings today are so institutional-looking with no style or beauty. Thanks for the pictures of your world - it's lovely. Ah, school dances. There is a lot of stress involved with those things. I still remember it and it's been (many) years. Hope he had a great time.

    1. He survived the dance- even said he had a girl trying to teach him to dance. However, he was rather vague about who she was... hmm.....

  4. Our HS band uniforms were awesome back then even! I love marching bands :) Don't envy your box elder bugs though!


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