Thursday, November 20, 2008


Things aren't great here on several fronts. First, I heard back from the realtor that the house that we were going to go look at is no longer available. They accepted an offer last week and all the contingencies should be met soon. So that one is out. Dissapointed sigh...
But the other news is much more disturbing. V just sent me an email that his place of employment has started layoffs, effective today. They let go of some of the senior editorial, marketing and production staff so his job as a lowly temp worker is not likely to survive. His supervisor said she would give him a good recommendation- for what that's worth in today's economy.
So, it's a good thing that I did some preparations, that we have food 'put by' and that we know how to live frugally. We're not going to starve without his income but things definitely won't be as comfortable.
Hmmm. if he gets laid off, maybe I'll have him enclose our South facing front porch and turn it into a greenhouse....

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  1. Sending wishes for peace in these troubling times.

    I realize that's fairly useless, but it's all you can really do in cyberspace.


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