Monday, November 24, 2008

I've been tagged! Green Meme #2

Mon at Global Homestead has tagged me!  Green Meme #2.  Wow, I've never been tagged before but here we go.

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Green Meme #2
1. Do you use baking soda toothpaste or baking soda shampoo?  If not, would you consider it?
I've used baking soda for toothpaste before both in toothpaste and 'straight up'.  I've never tried it for shampoo but I've heard it's hard on the hair and mine tends to be pretty dry anyway.
2. Do you make any home cleaning products?
Oh yeah,  We use lots of vinegar and baking soda.  We even discovered, when the children were young, that a mix of water, vinegar and a bit of soap actually cleans crayon marks off walls better than the commercial cleaners.  
3. What is your top green issue at the moment?
Probably local foods.  I've been trying to be more conscious of where our food comes from and how many miles it has traveled to make it to our plates.
4. Given unlimited cash, what is on your fantasy green wishlist?
Oh,  the acreage with the dream house would be top of the list.  Passive solar, with a wood stove and a fireplace that I can cook in- with a bake oven.  And a root cellar and some wind turbines up on the hill....
5.  Have you implemented any new green act/behaviour/product this month?
Hmm, not really recently, although I did manage to finally get our new rain barrel emptied before it completely froze.

I am planning to tag Stephany at Naturally Simple, Matriarchy at Ramping Up the Garden and Gina at Cauldron Ridge Farm.

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