Saturday, November 8, 2008

Garlic and pasta

Huge garlic- sorry, a bit out of focus.
My friend Jim brought me 3 huge heads of garlic.  He lives within a block of us and is the guy J14 has dubbed "The gay goth gourmet".  This is, I guess kind of true.  I'm not so sure about the goth part- but he always dresses in black clothes.  I'm not sure that qualifies him as goth.  Anyway, his current love interest is working at an organic farm and brought home 3 crates of garlic to clean and sort. So Jim snagged some for me.  What a treat.  This stuff looks fantastic.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to store it.  Any suggestions?  I use quite a bit of garlic but I already have 2 huge heads that I just got and I'm worried that I won't get through it all before it goes bad. 

Whole wheat spaghetti

J Rolling pasta
We also made pasta today. Not quite pioneer fashion using the KitchenAid, but the hand crank pasta machine I had was lent to a friend years ago and never returned.  The children had fun, mostly, rolling it out and cutting it into spaghetti noodles but they quickly became bored and let me finish rolling, only to return when it was time to cut noodles.  We had enough for spaghetti for dinner and I made a pan of 'spinach' lasagna to put in the oven tomorrow.  It's always better when it has a chance to sit overnight.   I use the term spinach rather loosely, it is actually lambs' quarters that my dad harvested this spring and frozen for me.  He likes it better than spinach because it has smaller leaves and isn't as gritty.  It works really well in lasagna.  
We made a huge floury mess but had fun and it tasted fantastic.  I made a gigantic batch of tomato sauce to use for both meals out of some old sauce that I found in the bottom of the freezer when I reorganized a few weeks ago.  I always forget that I have some frozen.  Usually I freeze when I don't have enough left to make canning another batch worth it.  A nice surprise and it wasn't too old to still be good.  I'm working on being better at managing my stores.


  1. (mom, it's not to old to be bad)

  2. I have used lambs quarter in place of the kale and spinach in soups but I have never thought of putting in lasagne. That's a great idea!

  3. Garlic will keep for a long time in a dry cool place. Or you could preserve it but that will change it.

    I'll probably go for cooking it in a pasta sauce and canning that.
    The pasta looks great.

  4. I currently have the garlic hanging in the basement. Hopefully it will be cool enough. I'm hoping that since this came straight from the organic farm that it will keep better than that from the grocery store.


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