Sunday, November 23, 2008

Taking advantage of things

I love my slicer.  We got this one for a wedding gift way back in the dark ages.  It is beginning to show it's age but it still works quite well.  It allows us to take advantage of buying things in bulk (or chunks) and slicing it ourselves.  Much cheaper than deli products.  I'll admit, over the past few years I have gotten lazy and we've been buying deli meats, but no more.  The ham pictured is a smoked one (not local unfortunately) that I picked up recently.  I also took advantage of a special deal at the grocery store.  There must have been an error in ordering for the deli because they had a limited number of whole 12 lb deli hams on sale for $11.99.  We got one and cut it into chunks, wrapped it and tucked it away in the freezer.  Talk about a lucky find.  I went back later to pick one up for my mother but they were all gone.
We also took advantage today of the warm weather.  It was up to 51 today.  Not too bad for Iowa the week before Thanksgiving.  V climbed up onto the roof (I was the official ladder holder) to fix the chimney.  The chimney cap was crumbling and he discovered that there are several bricks that will need replacing- but not right now.  He got it patched up enough that it will hold through the winter but we'll have to put some effort into it in the spring when it's warmer.
I also picked up some inexpensive chicken hindquarters at the grocery this afternoon (one final shopping trip for the week while I11 was at band rehearsal).  We're having some of them roast with winter veggies for dinner and I have the rest simmering for stock for other uses.  We'll have several meals from them.  
I got the weekly menu planned, with the exception of Thursday since we will go to my parent's farm to be with family. My brother will be there as will my sister from Colorado. I need to find out from my Mom what she needs me to bring- although I'm sure she has been cooking for the past week already.  I was thinking of maybe the Pumpkin Praline Pie I saw last week. Not that we will need any more desserts.  
LOL.  The boys asked if they could watch a movie while dinner is cooking and since they have finished their homework I said yes.  I just noticed that they are watching a Winnie the Pooh movie- in French- with English subtitles.  Who knew....

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  1. This is great. We buy a mix, sometimes sliced sometimes whole. But we could buy all bulk if we had a slicer. I'm going to keep an eye out for a pre-loved one now. Thanks for the thought!

    Btw, tagged you: check here


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