Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We're being profiled!!

No, not by the police, thank goodness.  Our church newsletter periodically prints profiles of congregation members.  J14's confirmation mentor was asked to write a profile for the December newsletter and she chose us.  She sent me interview questions a few weeks ago and today sent me a copy of the article for my approval.  She titled it 'Green Before it was Cool'.  LOL!!  I have worked with her on several committees and we have both attended the series of educational forums on local foods and environmental issues that our church put on.  (It was rather sad.  It was the same 3-5 people at each session but we still try to get the word out there.)  Anyway,  she is aware that I am passionate about environmental issues and during their mentoring sessions J14 shared some information with her.  Some things we've make public in some of the energy conservation sessions we've been in on-  Things like when you do the carbon footprint calculations, we come in well under our Kyoto allotment for a family of 5, that I line dry my clothes, walk to work,  have a big garden and can my own produce.  You know, the usual stuff.  J14 also shared with her the story of my wedding dress. The wedding dress story???
Ok, I'll share:   V and I were married at the church we now attend 22 years ago.  We've lived up and down the east coast in the meantime, but we started out in this town long ago.  My wedding dress was purchased at a local thrift store for $25.  My mom had it dry cleaned and did minor repairs but nothing major.  I don't think at the time I was thinking about environmental or sustainability issues (who really was 22 years ago) but I was definitely frugal, even in my younger years.  I still don't understand spending $400+ on a dress that you will wear once for a few hours.  I liked the dress, it fit and it was a deal.  I guess people think that's strange, I didn't really think about it at the time.  I also shared with her that when we got married, there was another wedding scheduled later the same day.  As I didn't care what kind/colors of flowers were in the church and didn't see the need to have more flowers picked for no good reason, I called the other bride and offered to split the cost of flowers with her, telling her she could pick what she wanted.  Evidently another thing that people seem to find strange... Maybe it's just me.
J's mentor, Kathy, was also fascinated with our rain barrel when she was over picking J14 up for an outing, asking lots of questions and looking at how it fit into the downspout system.  But she is also trying to make changes in her life.  She evidently had her first free range chicken this summer and says she won't go back.  In fact, we are planning an outing to an organic farm just north of here on the 22nd.  The farm is owned by one of the ladies I purchase from at the farmer's market (the one we've dubbed 'the bacon lady').   Kathy evidently has an in at the farm since one of her sons' friends has been working there, raising chickens (the farm has been mostly pork and lamb, I think).  I'm excited to get to go, see the farm and actually place an order for some meat, stocking up even more for the winter.  YEAH!!

Well, after this article comes out.  People won't have to just think we're a bit strange- they'll have it in black and white.  Maybe it will open some eyes.


  1. Actually, I noticed that you can see my dress in an earlier post. The photo for my farewell pioneer week post has on oil lamp that is lighting our wedding picture. LOL

  2. Good for you! Both the article and your "cool green' ways!

    I bought my wedding dress (I was going to wear my Mother's, but it had hopelessly molded in the ensuing years!) but I told my sister/maid of honor that the color scheme would be whatever color dress she could borrow! Family friends offered to arrange various things for the reception, and I was perfectly okay letting them do whatever they wanted. Everyone had a blast and it was a beautiful, elegant wedding with no stress!


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