Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving at the farm

My favorite tree.
We spent the day with my parents on the farm.  This is the place where I grew up.  The original house was lost in a fire in 1991 but my parents rebuilt on the same spot and much of the property is just as it was many years ago.  
If you have ever wondered about my tree image.  This is it.  This is a HUGE cottonwood tree that has stood near the corncrib for nearly forever.  You can just see some farm equipment parked on the far side of the tree that gives you a sense of scale.  I have been taking photos of this tree, from about this same spot for years.  Not quite sure why- except that I love that big old tree.  Maybe it is a symbol of the connection I feel, the rootedness (is that even a word) to the land.

I, K and V check out the corn.
After eating waaay too much for Thanksgiving dinner (we ate about 1:00) some of us took a walk.  My Dad has retired from active farming but rents the land to a young man who lives nearby.  Yeah, it's conventional farming, but this guy at least treats the land with respect.  He was out with his combine later, still trying to get the crops in.  This particular field is, I believe, about 70 acres and I think it is one of the last he has to finish.
My Dad on the tractor.
My Dad took advantage of the nice weather as well to disc one of the garden plots.  This old tractor is his pride and joy.  If you notice the big silver tank on the side- it's a propane tank.  My Dad is quite the tinkerer and a few years ago converted this tractor to run on propane.  It definitely isn't new or top of the line but it runs.  I learned my frugality from one of the best!

Hope all here in the states had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.  And to all those in other places,  I hope you also enjoyed your day and the bounty of the earth.

Peace,  Judy

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