Saturday, November 8, 2008

This is lousy weather for laundry

Line drying laundry is something that I do year round, not just during pioneer week.  A few minutes in the dryer to take out wrinkles, soften things up and remove dog fur, then onto the lines, hopefully outside but also inside in the basement.  Today's weather is really bad for laundry. It's 35 and spitting snow. It rained/snowed yesterday so everything is damp anyway.  
My most recent observation (a real DUH moment here) is that winter clothes take up more space and take longer to dry than summer clothes.  Where I have been able to get by with one load in the summer, now with long sleeves and long pants, it's 2 loads through the washer.  And after 3 loads my lines in the basement are full and stuff probably won't be dry until later this afternoon or tomorrow morning.  I hate to resort to using the dryer to dry things all the way but I've got 6 more loads to do in the near future. GRRRR.


  1. Our basement is pretty chilly too Judy and dang! It's laundry day and it's sleeting outside! What I do is I set a small fan on medium, directed up at the hanging clothes in the basement. Despite the fact that it's cool down there it does cut the time down quite a bit for drying. Good thing too as I just washed a whole bunch of wool things...

  2. Oh, we've got the fan on. It seems to run nearly continuously down there with all the laundry I do. Unfortunately, the laundry area, and the lines are in the unfinished part of the basement of our 80+ year old house.

  3. It was cool but breezy in Middle TN, so I hung out the sheets today. They dried quite quickly, which is good since I was afraid the wind in the sheets would rip the lines down!


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