Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Being a good citizen

Ok.  I'm going to toot my own horn for a minute here today.  I was a good citizen.
Yes, I voted (and got my free cup of coffee from the local Starbuck's- sorry pioneer week) but even before that I engaged in an unselfish act of being a good neighbor.
What, you may ask, is even better than voting??? A very good question.  So let me tell you:  As I was on my way  to vote, coffee, work (in that order) this morning about 700 I was just a few feet from the house walking down the sidewalk toward the stop sign on the corner, I spied out of the corner of my eye several quarters in the gutter.  Now, I have people laugh at me because I pick up change off the sidewalk- but in a good week I can collect enough to buy that coffee from Starbucks- not that I do....  Anyway,  as I was going to pick up the quarters I notice that there is a lot of change in the gutter, and a bit down the street is a wallet, and a bit further along is a credit card just lying there.  'NOW THIS ISN'T RIGHT' I thought to myself, so I collected the change, wallet and credit cards and took them  back home.  I checked the ID in the wallet and V looked up the number and called the girl to come get her things, credit cards, ID and money intact.  Boy, was she thankful.  J14 really made me feel good when she commented that it was a good thing that I had found the wallet instead of someone who may not have been as conscientious as I am.  

For me it's about building community, doing the right thing because it's right, all for someone who I will probably never see again.  Here's hoping she passes it on....


  1. Hey, I've done that before too! Got a thank you phone call from the police and everything. Turned out it was an out of town sister just there for a wedding - somehow the license and credit card, receipts, etc fell out of a car or pocket (rowdy reception, anyone?).

    Doesn't it feel good to be a superhero for a day?


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