Monday, November 3, 2008

Pre-election pioneers

Spiced Fried Potatoes
It's day one of pioneer week.  Besides complaints from the boys that they couldn't have Eggo waffles for breakfast (Yes, we sometimes have those in the freezer. I know- shame on me) things have gone well.  
1. Food- all made from scratch.  We grilled a piece of beef and had the potatoes pictured above.  Fried potatoes and onions with salt, black pepper and cayenne to taste. Add corn (from my Mom), homemade bread and some of the last fresh tomatoes and it was a great dinner.  I just took a batch of apple cinnamon oatmeal muffins out of the oven for breakfast.  
2. Energy use- the heat isn't a problem- I actually wish it was a bit cooler.  It was in the 70s today and with baking more than usual I wish the house could use the heat of the oven.  I generally try to not bake much when the weather is warm.  Trying to get the boys to remember to turn off lights is an ongoing battle.
3. Conserve water- I took a short shower this morning and was quite careful when cooking and washing up some dishes.
4. Transportation- this generally isn't an issue either.  I always walk to  work and the children all walk to school.  I did make a short trip this evening to take J14 to orchestra rehearsal.  I picked up the boys from their after school program on the way back.  V does drive to work but at least it isn't too far.
5. Rethink entertainment-  I was amazed. When the boys got home they finished up their homework and then went upstairs to their room to play- no asking about TV (at least not until after 730).
6. Watch your wallet.  Not a problem- I didn't buy anything today.  V did stop at the grocery store  on his way home and picked up some apple cider (we were out and he needed a current receipt to get the 10 cent discount at the gas station since he was low on fuel).  We really only have to fill the car every 3 weeks, even with V's commute.

Work has been really tough lately. Very emotionally draining, and coupled with the tension over the economy and the election I've been a bit cranky lately.  Hopefully things will settle down soon.

In other news, We were looking through the real estate ads and found several acreages that could be promising.  Unfortunately all but one are out of our current school district.  That one doesn't look too bad but the house is REALLY ugly.  It was formerly used as a vets office and has that look about it.  It's a ranch (not either of our favorite home style) with 3 bedrooms but only the main floor is finished.  The basement isn't finished at all so there is lots of potential there.  Maybe we'll do a drive by to see how ugly it is in person- but that would mess up our pioneer week transportation.  Also, I hate to get too involved in the land search before V is certain that he will be hired permanently at his job.


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  2. I have a similar issue with kids and light switches around here.

    It is a bit too warm here for all of this baking. It was 79 degrees in my house at 10pm last night.

    I just drove by the acreage with the vets house on it this weekend and saw the "for sale" sign. You are right about the house but the land around the house is so woodsy and scenic, it might just make up for it. You would definitely have room for some cows, the fenced area is already there@

  3. I know I've been past that house before on my way out of town that direction but it must not have made much of an impact- not that I would have been looking at it as a potential home. Maybe we'll drive by this weekend.


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