Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pioneer week- day 3

I'm tired.  I was up way too late last night watching election returns (sorry pioneer week, but TV and laptop were both on).  That coupled with a horrendous day at work made me ripe for giving up on pioneering principles.  But I held true.  Well, mostly.  K8 is watching TV right now because I'm too brain dead to argue with him about doing something else.
Cooking from scratch was a challenge for me tonight.  In other circumstances I may have succumbed to ordering a pizza so I wouldn't have to cook.  But I didn't.  We had what was on the menu for tonight and I cooked the beans for chili tomorrow. I had set them soaking this morning before I left for work.  So tomorrow is chili and cornbread- with cornmeal ground from my parent's farm and local honey.
In other news I was reading at Casaubon's Book and Sharon has a new challenge of a sort.  She's calling it The Competence Project.  It's a challenge to get us to try those things/skills that we've never learned or have always been 'too hard'.  So whether it's learning to stop a leaky faucet or build a chicken coop, there are many skills to try.  V and I are both pretty handy when it comes to practical stuff.  Since Santa has promised me a pressure canner this year, that is one of the skills I want to learn.  Even though I grew up with helping my Mom can, doing it on my own has always terrified me.  But I'm ready to try.  I also want to learn to knit or crochet.  I can sew just fine and my Mom tried to teach me to crochet years ago but I quickly gave up.  J14 is better at it than I am since my Mom was teaching her.  I've got several friends and acquaintances who knit so maybe I'll have to ask for lessons.  Hmmm, something to learn in the winter when the snow is flying.  That's coming too soon, I think

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  1. You should check out the knitter's breakfast at Home Ec workshop on Saturday mornings. There are lots of knitters there who will happily help out new knitters. I am not much past the scarf stage myself or I would offer.


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