Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Official

V got the news that as of the first of the year he does not have a job. I'm glad he isn't one of those who were told that they don't have a job effective immediatly. I'm trying to put a positive spin on this that at least we didn't make an offer on a house first and then find out he's losing his job.
We'll get through. We always have. I just had such high hopes....


  1. I'm so sorry. I hope he can use the remaining few months to look for something else. I guess it was fate that the house was sold. Maybe an even better house is lurking in your future.

    I think I've gotten used to DH not having a job - I like having him here. But our savings will only last so long, no matter how stocked our pantry. He has an interview on Tuesday - I have my fingers crossed. I'll cross my toes for your V.

  2. Hang in there. Glad things worked out in the order you mentioned, rather than the bad way.

  3. Thanks for the support.
    Matriarchy- He's already dusting off the resume and sending out feelers. He was a stay at home Dad when the kids were young so we're used to living off my salary. We just got spoiled with 2 incomes for the past few years. I'll cross my fingers for your DH for his interview as well.
    Meadowlark- Yeah, I'm glad it worked out in that order too...

  4. What rotten news I am sorry, too. It sounds like you are trying to maintain a positive outlook. I hope he finds something quickly.

  5. What rotten news. Hopefully he'll find something else in a hurry!

  6. So sorry about the job loss for husband and the house not being available. My daughter and husband looked at over 50 houses in a limited area well over in a years time. Most of them were in bad shape or too high a price. They had their house selling fall through several times within that year also so lost a couple they really liked. Finally it all worked out and they are on almost three acres(couldn't afford more here in central IL) with a decent sized old farmhouse. They do need to do some things to it eventually but can live her now with me too of course. God will bless you at the right time with exactly what you need though I understand how you feel about the time being right now to get out to land to be self sufficient. ;o) I will pray for you guys, blessings.

  7. Yep, that's tough.

    But I see that you have already found more than one positive spin on it. Could have been a whole lot worse.

    Hang in there.

  8. Thanks to all for all your support. We're trying to stay focused on how much better we have it than many people out there. We will be able to pay our bills and have food on the table. Yeah, we may have to cut back on a few things until he finds work again but we will still be living a much more comfortable life than most people on this planet.

  9. Oh, I am so sorry to hear this news. How tough it is getting. I will send positive thoughts your way. One blogger that I have followed for a long time (Tansy) always used to say we were practicing for the real thing and I always try to keep that in mind. You've been preparing and it will definitely help (although I hear you and feel your pain on the high hopes thing. I'm in a similar boat...)

    many hugs

  10. Oh, best wishes. This is getting too common. At least you are not alone, but that's probably not much consolation.

    I like your blog!


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