Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to school night

Tonight V and I got to go back to junior high. I always enjoy the back to school nights they do for the junior and senior high. As a parent, you start out in your child's homeroom where you get a copy of their schedule and your "Powerschool" login. Powerschool is the online grade reporting system so at any time, day or night you can check your child's grades, see about assignments that are due (or late) and check out those test scores. It can come in handy when trying to decide about privileges!
Anyway- back to school-- After homeroom you get to follow your child's schedule, having the same 4 minute passing period to get from class to class, and have an 8 minute period for each class where you can meet the teacher and learn about what their expectations are for your student. Pretty awesome.
It is also pretty cool that I13's language arts teacher has a blog where he posts daily about the assignments and what was talked about in class. Handy for parents who want to be in the know or if your child has missed a day of school. I think I'll be following along...
Next week we get to go back to high school and follow J16's schedule.


  1. We have Parent Portal and it is as good as the teachers who post. I do emails, too and if it is an issue I want noted, I'll cc it to the principal or the superintendant also. That way I feel I have a bit of a check from the inside. Last year guidance told me I could drop my sr from a college credit class that hadn't started yet. It was the 3rd of the year and she was only getting elective credit for it in college and wasn't really something she wanted to do. I sent it to several people in the building who responded...some of them saying they were unaware there were any problems... let them know.

  2. We have Parent Portal here too, although my children are still very young, this will come in handy as they get older! So much for kids "hiding" their report cards anymore...


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