Sunday, August 15, 2010

Busy day in photos

It was another busy weekend here at Troll Bridge Farm. The deck project is nearly complete....
I13 and V lay deck planks.
J16 is also hard at work. Putting in spacers.
Getting closer....
Not at all deck related... How many butterflies can you count?
The new and improved? view from the orchard.
Back by popular demand: Sunflower Moulin Rouge.
The boys take a short break on the new deck.
The beginnings of a pergola!
V thinks they will be able to finish the deck tomorrow. All that is left is to attach the railing pieces and finish the pergola. We sat out on the deck this evening and enjoyed the cool weather that has arrived (at least for a bit).
J16 and I took a short break this afternoon and went over to the local orchard to ask about our apples. The orchardist was stumped. They aren't any apple he is familiar with, which reinforces our idea that this is a lucky, random seedling. My parents stopped by for a bit this afternoon as well (on their way back from visiting my uncle- Mom's brother- who had broken a hip a few weeks ago) and they thought the apples were good as well.
The children only have a few days left before school begins. They go back to school on Thursday. They will have two days of school to ease back in before the weekend. For me, it is back to work as usual tomorrow. I'll probably have to can some tomatoes tomorrow evening. We'll see.
I hope you all have a great week.


  1. It's hard to believe school is just around the corner! Where did the summer go????

    And it struck me while I was looking at the photos ---it is so neat the way your kids are learning so many skills. This is seriously lacking in so many homes nowadays. Maybe they don't always FEEL lucky doing all these projects, but wow-they sure are! And can't wait to see the pergola!

  2. I have no idea how to do *any* of what you and your family are doing! Wow. How would you describe the taste of the apples? Do you think that you could somehow duplicate/spread them if you wanted?

    Oh, and I really like your new header :-)

  3. How fantastic that the deck will be all complete before the cold weather hits! Great job to all of you, it looks great and next spring you will literally be ready to "hit the deck running"! One more big project to cross off the list, bet it feels good!

  4. The deck is looking great! So nice to see the kids all helping. Can't wait to see it all done!! Our kids don't start school until this coming Friday, Aug. 20. Madison will start Kindergarten and is excited. Hopefully Reilly will start preschool on a regular basis.
    I think She needs the
    socialization. Summer just flew by this year. Wonder if we'll have a nice fall...funny weather here. We had a small tornado hit our golf course and take out a bunch of trees. What a mess! ...debbie


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