Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Ack! Where has the time gone??!! The children start back to school TOMORROW! I don't so much mind the back to school shopping- I actually enjoy getting school supplies and that has been done for a while. What I hate is the labeling of back to school supplies. Oh, for the older two it isn't so bad- they are pretty much in charge of their own stuff for middle and high school. But I've still got one in elementary school and everything has to be labeled. ICK.
I'm also feeling a bit frantic to get the house cleaned. V's Mom arrives on Friday to spend a few days with us. AAACK!!!! V and the boys are downstairs now working to finish the framing on the guest room so she has a place to sleep. We got a bit distracted with taking advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend to finish the deck that this got neglected. There are still no overhead lights in that room either- all the lights that were originally there have been disconnected (once again- high intensity down spotlights that we don't need). The boxes are there- I just hope V has a fixture to hang. J16 and I will be running off tomorrow evening to get sheets. We have a full sized futon bed that will be in that room but we don't have any full sized sheets. OOPS. I'll probably need to find some pillows as well since we don't have spares. However did we live without a guest bedroom before?
But on a brighter note- I13 helped me with dinner this evening. We did a take on ratatouille- kind of like in the movie.
Ratatouille ala Ian
Eggplant and pattypan squash slices, interspersed with rounds of paprika peppers, smothered in tomato, basil, garlic sauce with some cheese melted on top for good measure. Mmm.
It seems that the garden is slowing down a bit. I only found three cucumbers and three squash this evening and only picked about a third of my usual basket of tomatoes. Not even enough to fire up the canner- now if only I had room in the freezer....
Gotta go- I've got miles to go before the MIL gets here. ;)


  1. Ooof, that's a lot coming at you all at once. I'm sure the room will be fine for your MIL; she knows you are in the midst of a huge house overhaul, right?
    I remember the labeling in elementary school, and even as the school-child doing/carrying the labeling, I hated it! Nice that I13 is such a good chef, and seems to really enjoy the process. Does he have a favorite meal to prep?

  2. Nice dinner! I WISH I could label everything, what makes me mad is that they want it unlabeled, meaning it all goes into a big community school supply table so my kid won't even get the stuff he picked out! Hmmm, I'm fired up about this,maybe I'll do a post LOL!

  3. A visit from your Mother~In~Law will help whip that guest room in shape in no time!! I'm sure it will be just fine! Madison will start Kind. Monday. Friday we are going to open House to see her room and meet her teacher. She is so excited, but mom Kelly is on the constant verge of tears. I remember those days! What a great dinner!! Does he hire out?? I could use a chef in my kitchen!!...debbie

  4. Localzone- Ian doesn't really have a specialty. He loves to cook but there are only a few things he can cook independently. He had quite a bit of help with this one- mainly because Mom is paranoid about having him slice pattypan squash the 'wrong' way to get rounds. His knife skills aren't quite that good yet.
    Erin- they have a few things that go into the 'community supply'- kleenex, checking pencils, tape, etc, but the markers and such- they ask that every marker be labeled- I didn't- oops. I refuse to write his initials on every blasted marker or crayon. I just labeled the box. And don't even get me started on some of the things we have to supply- since when do the students and families have to supply a ream of copy paper for the school!!!
    Debbie- the guest room is taking shape but I don't think we have enough drywall to finish. I hope she doesn't mind exposed insulation!
    As for the chef- I'll keep him to myself, thanks. I'm kind of looking forward to the day he is more independent.


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