Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Poor Boo

Poor Boo (as we call I13) He had his oral surgery this afternoon. All 4 teeth came out easily but he had IV sedation for the procedure since they were all permanent teeth. Unfortunately, they weren't all on one side or the other. He had one tooth from each side of the mouth on both top and bottom. He was pretty groggy for a while and then complained of his entire face being numb. Don't you just love dental work!! ;( Anyway, he has some high powered pain killers that we gave him this evening and he has excuses for school for both PE and Band for a week. Considering that he plays a large brass instrument, they didn't want him blowing that hard for a while. He's actually really bummed about that- he loves band.
And speaking of band- K10 got to try instruments today. I really like the way they let children decide if they want to be in band or not here. They take all 5th grade students in small groups and let each student try every instrument to see what they like and what the director thinks they may be well suited for. We've been thinking for a while K10 would want to be a drummer. He is forever drumming his hands on everything and has a really great sense of rhythm. But he says he's trying to decide between the saxophone and the trombone. I asked him about drums and he complained that if you were a drummer then you had to learn how to play ALL of the percussion instruments. Of course, when we pointed out that it was just a variety of ways to hit things with sticks he started to reconsider. Either way, it will be his decision. we won't push him one way or another. I'm just glad he is interested in band at all. V and I both have musical backgrounds and musical families. My MIL is a retired professor of music, V's older sister is a music professor and plays in their local orchestra (and occasionally with the Philadelphia orchestra), his brother is in a band, my sisters are both quite musical, V plays 3 instruments, I play two. It will just be interesting how he responds to having to practice on a regular basis. Oh, the joys of beginning musicians begin again.....


  1. Yay for music! I am a card-carrying marching band geek as is the rest of my family LOL! Our music education here in VA is a very sad state. Thankfully in MN where I grew up it is still very important and fully offered to all students still, and if you don't select an instrument, you have to attend music education or choral class, I think if kids are smart they would pick the instrument instead!

  2. Wow! Your family really does play music togather!! I love music. I don't play an instument, but Bob was 2nd chair in the All State Band. He played the Clairanet. None of our kids play music either, which is a shame. I played the triangle in Elementary...Whoop-de-do!! ...debbie

  3. When they asked me back in grade school, I wanted to play the saxophone so badly but my teeth were not cut out for it. (I had yet to get my braces to fix them.) So I was resigning myself to a brass instrument of some sort when the teacher pleaded with me to try the drums because she really needed a drummer. I never looked back and absolutely loved to play the drums. It was much easier to memorize the rhythms for songs than all the individual notes so I never had to worry about carrying around music and getting to the right page. I played for six years in band, four years in pep band and four years in marching band. I have lots of good memories.


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