Monday, August 9, 2010

Independence Days-Harvest time!

This will have to count for two weeks of my IDC update since we were gone last week when it was time to post. It's been busy here and my vacation was much too short! I had to go back to work this morning and while it was nice to be back, there are too many things I didn't get done at home that I had hoped. But here is my update for the past two weeks.
1. Plant something- I FINALLY got my Manchurian Apricots and my Nanking Bush Cherries planted in the ground. They have been languishing in pots since this spring, waiting for the septic to get finished. It's finally in! Woo Hoo!!! I can start work on the living/garden space I had planned for the southeast corner of the shop.
2. Harvest something- TOMATOES!!, cucumbers, eggplant, hot peppers (the bell peppers have just now started to set on) and patty pan squash. I need to check my edamame- a few days ago they had little pods but weren't filled out yet.
3. Preserve something- tomatoes and peach jam.
4. Waste not- the usual 4 R's (reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose). Got used barrels from the cheese factory to use for rain barrels.
5. Want not- hmm, stocked up on canned tuna and boxes of pasta at the store when they were having a sale. V and I are talking about getting a second small chest freezer to use for veggies and other stuff, leaving the bigger freezer for meat (or vice versa). We are contemplating buying some pork from the farmer we get our beef from- he has pastured pork as well as beef. The freezer is full and the harvest season is really just beginning.
6. Build community food systems- shopped the farmer's market and chatted with one of my class instructors who was working a booth for "locally grown" t-shirts. Bought sweet corn from a farmer and more Missouri peaches from a roadside stand.
7. Eat the food-
The last, lonely piece of quiche.
We've been having wonderful local meals this week. Tonight was quiche (eggs from Kalona, left over sweet corn, onions and chiles), sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and stuffed hot peppers. One of J16's friends was here this afternoon and stayed for dinner. She was impressed with the local food. Only the cheese and the flour for the crust weren't local (most from within 20 miles from home if not from the garden). Oh, and don't forget the cherry pie from the weekend. Good food, good food....


  1. Since your new septic system is in, can you tell a differenece in your potties flushing? Glad it's all done! Sounds like your garden is really producing well! How nice! We need more freezer space too. Just never have enough room. Have a good week. We are leaving for Lake Greenwood, SC tomorrow morning until Sunday! yea! Will be back Sunday to catch up! ...debbie

  2. Ack, I'm due for a 2 week IDC report too, thanks for the push! It always seems that no matter how much is done, new tasks keep popping up like weeds.
    Congratulations on all the "dones."

    Hooray for the harvest, and I am very jealous of your endamame. I got some in my CSA last year for a couple of weeks, but nothing this year yet. I do love those endamame. Cherry pie, yum.

  3. I'm so glad I discovered quiche last year, yum! Now we need our own chickens!

  4. I don't remember making a quiche before. Guess it goes on my list for August. And I still have some nice brown eggs left to use~

  5. I don't remember making a quiche before. Guess it goes on my list for August. And I still have some nice brown eggs left to use~


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