Sunday, August 29, 2010

Construction update

It's been a while since I posted an update about construction around the house. Many, if not most rooms are still somewhere in states of chaos and construction. We (or should I say V) are making steady progress on the basement. The rumpus room needs to be finished by the end of October when we expect delivery of our new couch.

The moisture barrier and subfloor are down for the rumpus room and V's workroom.
We are fortunate that we don't get huge amounts of water in the basement during big rainstorms. In fact, we have managed to do enough to keep the basement dry unless we have HUGE amounts of rain. We've discovered that 6 inches of rain in about 48 hours or less is the critical threshold for water leaking in. To avoid ruining things, we've discovered this great stuff that goes under the subflooring. I forget the actual name but we just call it "dimple board". It is a plastic (?) product with a waffle pattern of dimples that lets water and air circulate under the subfloor, keeping things dry. It will raise the floor by about another half inch but if it keeps things dry, it's worth it.
Ready to finish framing the walls.
V has an article deadline for his paying job tomorrow but after that will probably start framing the walls of the rumpus room. Then comes more drywall and the floor! The built-in bookshelves may take a bit longer but the books have been boxed for so long I almost forget what we have!
I have been busy setting up the guest/sewing room.
Why am I excited about an empty box?
Because my fabric stash has a new, permanent home in our antique dresser!!
Well, that's part of the stash- and some of that is even J16's fabric. I need to get a new cabinet for my craft and sewing supplies since the one I had used before was left out in the shop and evidently absorbed enough water that the particle board has started to crumble. In fact, part of the side fell off when the cabinet was moved. V will repair it and use it in the shop so I get a new one. After I get a cabinet, I can unpack the rest of my craft stuff and the last of the fabric.
When V's workroom is finished he will move his desk in there and out of the food storage room. Then I will move the table that is currently in my sewing room into there and bring in my big sewing table. So, we will be playing musical furniture. V's study will eventually be upstairs in the addition but not until all the books and other boxed stuff is out of there and he can build in bookshelves. And yes, we're considering the kitchen remodel. I truly think we're insane.


  1. You are accomplishing so much! I love seeing the pictures of your progress.

  2. Love it! That subflooring looks interesting, you are right, 1/2 inch is no sacrifice if it means keeping things dry. I love that you call it the "rumpus room" I haven't heard that term in a long time! Growing up we all called it the rumpus room or rec room! I bet it's nice to be able to open that pretty dresser and see all your fabric instead of rummaging for it!

  3. Interesting sub floring. Never saw that before. Hope it works well for you!! Do you have a sump pump? Was curious. Yeah, I kinda smiled at the term "Rumpus Room". It sounds way more fun that Rec room. ha!In another year, you'll be wondering how time flew by as all your reconstruction may be least for the moment!! lol...debbie


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