Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot!!

We're back! Did you miss me? We had a blast in Missouri and rolled in about sunset this evening.
Our cabin was wonderful.
The cabin was fully furnished with three beds in the loft and the queen sized bed on the main floor. We had a kitchen with basic equipment and cups and plates. All in all, it cost about the same per night or less as it would for 2 hotel rooms (which we need now that the children are older) and we saved a ton of money by being able to prepare our own breakfast and dinner.
It was HOT to be at an amusement park for two days (heat advisories both days) but we had our water bottles that we refilled at fountains (can you believe that they'll charge you $2.25 for a bottle of water!?). My mantra that I kept reciting to the children was "Drink early and drink often!" so we kept ourselves well hydrated.
The look pretty tough, don't they?
Too bad we could only afford the one coffin....
Defying gravity at the fun house.
I13 was the first to brave the Wildfire.
BIG coaster with 5 inversions.
We all rode it multiple times.
I LOVE rollercoasters!
Our friend Mike came over to the cabin both Monday and Tuesday evenings and we stayed up late into the night talking so now we're exhausted. We had an 8.5 hour drive back today.
Tomorrow I'll be canning tomatoes. Roger didn't pick anything while we were gone so I've probably got LOTS to process- hopefully they aren't too far gone.
The septic guys have finished the grading and it looks lovely. Muddy, but lovely. There was 1.75 inches of rain in the gauge when we got home this evening so it's too mucky to get out to look at anything.
I'll try to make time to catch up with everyone's postings but now, my very own bed is calling loudly to me......


  1. I love roller coasters too!!! Looks like you all had a blast! I can't imagine standing in lines in the heat! phew! Your cabin looks pretty cozy! It was 95 today with high humidity which made it quite horrid. We did have a big thunderstorm with lots of lightning and thunder and tons of rain. We needed it - so I was glad to see it! Glad your back and yes, I missed you! ...debbie

  2. Looks like you had quite a good time, despite the high temps. The cabin looks pretty nice-hotels are getting so expensive now that homes are often a much cheaper way to go.
    Glad you're back safely!

  3. Oh my, I hate roller coasters! I can't even stand the ferris wheel LOL, my poor kids... Looks like you had a blast, sorry you had the heat to deal with. I love that you could only afford "the one coffin", that's hilarious - at least they were crammed in there with their loved ones, right?

  4. Assuming they were liter bottles of water, doing the math means people are paying $8.52 per gallon. I expect if people realized just how much they were paying for bottled water, few people would be buying it.

  5. I'm not a roller coaster person but I'm glad you had a great time :-)! We have has a lot of rain too. Enough for now anyway. Canning season is here...


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