Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tree Frogs and Apples and Decks! Oh, My!

What a few busy days we've had here. We had another storm roll through last night. Another 1.6 inches of rain- sigh... At least it is settling the ground around the new septic system. We are spotting some places where we will have to fill in a bit because of settling soil.
The storm blew a little visitor out of the trees last night:
A tiny tree frog, no more than an inch and a half long, if that.
He (or she) was fun to watch on the window screen.
Today has been busy! We got delivery of the pavers that will be used to make a two different patio spaces here (one my project, one V's) and then we picked up the rest of the materials to finish the deck. Then V and the boys got busy with construction while J16 and I ran a few other errands, did some chores and picked tomatoes and peppers.
But, just so you don't think that all we do is work the children to death:
The boys playing X-box this morning.
But, we are mean parents... Even in the summer we stick to the rule that games are only for the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) The other days of the week, they need to find things other than games to amuse themselves.
However, they did work.
Oops, the box of deck screws dropped and the boys got to pick them up.
But here is the completed frame.
V and I13 work on the steps.
They started laying the planking this evening but didn't get very far before they called it quits. They plan to start early tomorrow and will try to finish the decking. We have the rails but they may take another day or two to get up. We are planning a pergola over part of the deck for some shade since it is on the south side of the house where it gets unbearably hot. I'm thinking maybe hardy Kiwi to vine up it. Any other suggestions?
And finally, WE HAVE APPLES!!
I picked a few from our one mature tree. They are totally unsprayed and we didn't really do anything to them this year other than prune the tree some trying to make it more manageable. But look at these!!
They need washed but they are Oh, So Tasty!
Look at the size of that thing!!
I'm thinking about taking one or two over to the orchard nearby to see what the orchardist thinks of them. He's the guy we got some of our apple trees from and who taught the pruning class. I was telling him about this overgrown tree/bush that we have and he decided that it must be a seedling of some sort. It can't be a grafted apple since it looks like it has been cut off at the base at some point in time and allowed to sprout up from the roots with multiple trunks. For a seedling apple, these are really good: Crisp and slightly tart- reminiscent of a cross between a Braeburn and a Granny Smith- and they are early ripeners. Maybe I can talk him into grafting a few trees of this. That would be fun.


  1. Very nice on the apples! And that you have the orchard guy as a resource - I remember being very jealous when you took that class. Cute on the tree frog - do they live in the area and the rain just brings them out of "hiding"?

  2. Kiwi, Hops, Grapes (if you have LOTS of room), Clematis? I am sure there are varieties that would work in your area, the deck is going to be really nice!

  3. For three year we had those little tree frogs all over the kitchen window every night through the summer. Suddenly they are gone. Not sure what changed out

    I just canned 11 pints of a great salsa, every ingredient from the garden, except a little cumin seed. It's beautiful !!

    Things are finally burning up, I mean, winding down here in the garden. Still 'taters to be dug, of course, and still 'maters and peppers coming in like crazy. I have already frozen 20 quarts of bell pepper slices...

    We sure are some lucky ducks, eh, Judy ??

  4. I second the clematis idea. We have several growing on trellises and they do very well and grow fast. My wife also planted some sort of climbing rose next to our arbor and it has grown clear over it and back just this summer alone!

  5. Cute little froggy!! Nice to have the kids help. It will be something they can use much later in their little lives! Apple look good! Pies and cobblers and baked with cinnammon!! ooooh yummy!! ...debbie


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