Saturday, August 21, 2010

KinderGardens- a learning year

We've been asked to talk a bit about what we've learned this year through our KinderGarden projects. Wow! Where to start. This has been a learning year on so many levels.
One thing we discovered this evening-
These little guys are HOT!!!
Along with our usual stuffed hot peppers, I had three tiny Black Pearls, stuffed with cream cheese- no bigger than my thumbnail. OH, BABY!!! Even V went running for a glass of milk. I had heard rumors that they have heat on par with habaneros- now I believe it! Yowza!
I've also fallen in love with a sunflower. Two other plants of the Moulin Rouge sunflowers have begun blooming- these are even darker- almost chocolate brown.
Absolutely gorgeous!
I also learned that Galeux d'eysines pumpkins will take over the world.
Or at least a third of the garden. Fortunately the sunflowers are tall.
I've also learned that as a family we can accomplish many things working together- but that construction and gardening don't mix together well, considering the time commitments needed for both.
But we did manage to find a place for V's mother to sleep (She has been here since Friday and will leave Monday morning)
The room went from this...
And this.
to this...
And this- still not finished but closer.
It's starting to look like a real room. One thing I'm excited about is that, not only is this our guest bedroom, but this is to be MY room! In all the years we've been together, I've never had a room to call my own. This will be my sewing/quilting room, a place where I can work and not have to put things away after every time using them. Most of my craft and quilting stuff is still boxed up, even now, a year after we moved and I'm chomping at the bit to find them again.


  1. Awesome sunflowers, I think I might have to try some next year myself. How wonderful to be building your own special room!

  2. I love Sunflowers. I have a lot of Blackeyed Susans, sorta a mini version of Sunflowers. The brownish one is really pretty!! Your room is coming along really well. Did she enjoy her visit? Hope should have tied her out in the garden and told her she could come back in after weeding 1/2 of the garden...ho ho ho! just kidding of

  3. Construction doesn't mix well with anything! That's why it's called "Divorce Dust" LOL... we survived it and you will too and just think how much more time you will have to enjoy that garden once it's all done!


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