Sunday, August 29, 2010

Late August wildflowers

I took a walk yesterday. It was early evening after I had gotten off work (Yup, it was my weekend to work).
We have had an explosion of wildflowers this year. I believe it is due to a combination of the land not being grazed for at 2 years, the weather and it being too wet for V to go mow happy. Along with the explosion of flowers, we have also had an explosion of butterflies this year as well. I though I'd share a few photos of my walk.
The sun is setting. Look at all those flowers!
It was kind of hazy for a long distance shot but there are thousands of flowers in the wetland.
The goldenrod is starting to bloom
Bees and butterflies LOVE the boneset that is growing everywhere.
Purple spikes of Lobelia mix well with the golden Sneezeweed.
Looks pretty messy doesn't it. But there are at least 6 different flowers blooming.
And the marsh grass (I believe it is called Barnyard grass) is beautiful against the blue sky.
This hill was covered in the summer with bergamot and Queen Anne's Lace. Now it has lobelia, boneset, sneezeweed, goldenrod and Pale Touch-me-not
We had a few days of cooler weather but today we're back near 90 and it's been dry for a while. My tomatoes are ripening very slowly (the ones that haven't died completely. However, the vine crops are going wild! I'm still getting lots of cucumbers and pattypans and the pumpkin is still bent on world domination.
Today found V and I at the home center for a while, contemplating flooring for the basement family room. I think we may go with bamboo. It's exciting that we're getting ready for flooring down there! We were also eyeing tile for the kitchen. However, we have decided that if we are going to redo the floor in the kitchen, we will tackle the cabinets at the same time and do a complete kitchen remodel. Yikes. We have always planned to replace the old built-in cabinets that came with the house and if we are going to cut tile to fit the kitchen, we want to make sure it fits the footprint of the new cabinets. We are hoping to be able to salvage enough useable pieces of the vinyl flooring that is currently in the kitchen (it isn't really adhered to the floor very well so should come up easily) to use as flooring in V's planned workroom in the basement. We don't want to spend much money on the workroom but want something down over the subfloor. I'm not sure when this project will start but be ready for lots of tirades from me when it does. I HATE having my kitchen in an uproar. I'm guessing that I'll be exploring crockpot options for a while when it happens.


  1. We have another month or so before the goldenrod blooms here, but i LOVE that stuff! Can't wait to see some pics of that basement coming together, when you are finished with it all you won't know what to do with yourselves... when our kitchen and house was getting redone, I "forgot" how to cook when we put it back together :)

  2. The kitchen seems to be the worse room to remodel. It does disrupt everything. Your wildflowers are beautiful. We also have a huge number of butterflies this year at the farm. Now the dragonflies are out at dusk in huge numbers. I think it is all the rain too.


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