Thursday, August 4, 2011

C is for...

 CREATIVE- I love to create things.  I love quilting... I know, I haven't done anything in the past two and a half years- life and construction have been not conducive to having time or space to quilt. I also do some cross stitch on rare occasions.  I have painted in my younger days and I love to take photos (not that I'm professional).  I can crochet but don't really do it.  I have been baffled to date by knitting but I am determined to learn.  One thing I have done in the past and would LOVE to do again is weaving.  I do know how to warp a loom and weave but it's not something I have access to... yet... maybe someday.
CANNER- yup, I do can my own stuff.  Only jam so far this year but I'm hoping for some tomatoes soon.
Micah  gives me the evil eye.  We are still impatiently waiting our first egg.   I think the older girls are about ready but this heat we've been having recently has stressed them.  Now that it seems to be cooling off I'm hopeful...
COMPETENT.  Sometimes I need to remind myself of this but I am quite CAPABLE of many, many things.
CARING.  Enough said.
CONCERNED about many things, the environment, the future, my children, my work, my patients, my garden, the economy, my friends... you name it.
CAPRICIOUS at times.  Given to fits of whimsy.
What's your C?


  1. I love your letter C... shows what a productive and creative homesteader you are!

  2. Came by for the first time. I enjoyed reading your "c". I posted my first - the "a" this morning. Saw this on a blog and it looks fun.


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