Saturday, August 6, 2011

E is for...

ENTERTAINER.  Not as in "I need to be the center of attention" type of entertainer.  I love to have guests over.  To make people feel comfortable in my home and make sure they have a good time.  We haven't done much entertaining recently because of house stuff but I'm hoping to do more in the future.
ECLECTIC.  My life is a jumble of this and that.  Nothing matches and I love it.  It was so odd a few years ago when we got a new dining room table and chairs to have them all match.   We've got a mix of old and new furniture, different styles and different cultures but it works for me.  Even my wardrobe is rather eclectic. I've got different styles of clothing and mixing and matching can be fun.  Even my interests are varied. From science fiction to making cheese, the library (and my brain) holds much information.
ENERGETIC.  I mostly have lots of energy.  Not always... there are times I am really, really fried and tired but I generally ignore them and just keep going... I don't have time for that.  Of course, this tends to lead to problems when I crash and burn but fortunately, those times are few and far between.
EMPATHETIC.  I like to think I'm pretty compassionate and able to connect with how people are feeling.
ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS.  We recycled before recycling was cool and I have tried to live as lightly on the land as I could.  I have tried to teach my children responsibility for the earth and how to care for themselves in the process.
ENTHUSIASTIC.  This kind of goes along with the energetic piece. Once I get into something I'm energized to see it through.
EMOTIONAL. Yup, I can easily be brought to tears... sometimes over stupid stuff.

I'm feeling like this post is a bit scattered but I've got to get off to work.  Have a great day.

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  1. I like your red recycle bin. Ours our green. I like red MUCH better!! I will agree with you on your enegry!! You have lots of it!! Our furniture is a bit eclectic too. We have some old, old pieces from the family farm that are just super, we have stuff from both our parents, and some new that we bought ourselves. It's comfy and that is what we like too. Have a great Saturday. It's getting ready to rain!...debbie


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