Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Summer Saturday

Oh my, I'm tired.  And I don't even feel like I accomplished much.  Oh, I fed and watered chickens, did some dishes, did 5 loads of laundry and sorted and got some put away that has been languishing in baskets for the week.  I didn't do much laundry last weekend with guests in the house so there was a backlog.  I've still got some sheets and towels to wash tomorrow but I'm nearly caught up.
I also took J17 and K11 shopping this afternoon.  There were things they both discovered they needed (or things I forgot to check) before school started- such as sneakers that actually fit.  I also was informed by both boys the night before school started that they needed new backpacks.  Now, really, don't you think they could have told me that earlier when I asked what else they needed...  But at least things were on sale since school has already started.  That seemed to take all afternoon but it really only took a few hours.  Of course, there were a few other stops to make as well so we did a combined trip.
But I did want to share a few images of the day...
First, one of the morning glories we've got climbing up the side of the deck:
 They're from Seed Saver's Exchange- I don't remember the name off hand (Grandpa Ott's??) but they are growing well in spite of getting planted late.
Both kiwi plants that we had planted for the pergola were dug up by some animal during the heat wave (chipmunks??- but I think something larger) and I didn't find them before they had dried out.  They really didn't seem to be doing well anyway so I'm not sure I want to replace them.  I'll have to think of something else.  Maybe I'll just keep the morning glories and add moon flowers.
And V's birthday present to himself:
A replica of Blackbeard's flag!  We've had a 'traditional' pirate flag flying for a while but this one finally arrived- special order.  I'm sure people driving by on the highway will wonder even more about us!
The Surprise lilies are blooming.
 They have outdone themselves this year and the clumps of flowers are huge and fragrant.  I even cut a few to bring inside.
Finally, our latest outdoor addition:
J17 and I built this a few weeks ago for a red climbing rose.   This will be the entrance to the Goth Garden.  We are planning a patio on the far side of this and a path will lead into the garden.  We've still got a long way to go but the structural pieces are taking shape.
One more day to the weekend.  I know it will be busy.


  1. I am very impressed with the garden arch. Very good job you guys did.

  2. And you said that you don't feel that you accomplished anything? LOL! It might take me a few days to do what you did.
    I love the lilies! Can you talk more about the goth garden? It sounds intriguing to me. I've seen other posts for it. How big is it going to be? Whats in it? Inquiring minds:)

  3. Jane- Thanks. I should have said 'assembled'. I can't take credit for cutting those top pieces! We did get a pre-cut red cedar kit but still stick-built it. Of course, I can look at it and see all the places where it isn't square and such but it does look great.
    Linda- we've got a space to the west of the garage- maybe 20/20 feet that we are slowly trying to transform into a flower garden. This was J17's idea and it has black or nearly black flowers in it. Black watchman hollyhocks, magpie columbine, Sweet William- sooty, were some of the ones blooming this year. We planted a black lace elderberry this summer. Currently it doesn't take much space but we're trying to expand it. The climbing rose is red but J17 calls it 'blood red'. The goth garden is my concession to trying to get her into gardening. But, I'll admit, it is fun. I didn't realize how many black flowers are out there. We're also going to have a few white flowers interspersed for contrast. We're trying to transform the area behind the house into a more private outdoor space with a patio and seating area that looks out onto the flower garden. The arch will be the lure to enter. It's going to take a while before it's finished.

  4. Surprise lillies! I just saw those in a neighbors, and wondered what they are, thanks! :)

    Sure seems like you got stuff done to me--I know how it is this time of year :)

  5. s- they're also called Naked Ladies. They get the foliage in the spring- it looks like daffodils but no blossoms. The foliage dies back and then in August- SURPRISE! Flowers from seemingly nowhere. They smell a bit like lily of the valley.
    We were lucky enough that there is a whole row of them along the fence by the driveway. Heavenly!

  6. Thanks for the expanation. It sounds wonderfully creative. I hope your daughter learned to lime gardening. Now I'll be looking for back flowers!

  7. Ah, back to school - we are in the midst of shoe buying too. I found a nice used messenger bag the perfect size for Loch, he's been wanting one instead of a backpack - all it needed was a buckle replaced. Don't you know it, back to school time at the fabric store and all the buckles are out of stock LOL! Love the arch!

  8. I like your trellis! You girls did a really nice job!! Bet it will be doubly pretty by the end of next summer. The bunches of lillies are beautiful! Never saw any like that before...debbie


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