Saturday, August 27, 2011

W is for...

WILD- surprising, no??  I've got a wild streak but not too much... just enough to make me fun!!
WACKY- this one is a definite!!
WARM- Mmmm... like a snuggly blanket.
WHIMSICAL- I DO believe in fairies!!
WHOLESOME- you don't get much better than a farmer's daughter... right??  But really, I'm not TOO wild.
WORRIER- Oh, yeah.  I worry about many people and things.  On my mind right now... friends and family in the path of a hurricane... I14 needing new shoes...  will I hear back about straw...  will it rain... what will finances be with my cut in hours... how will the chickens fare in the winter... V has his book coming out- will it do well...  you name it- I've probably worried about it at some point.
WEARY- it has been a super busy week at work, busy here at home and now it's the weekend with all it's usual duties.
Ahh, now a break until Monday to work on the really hard letters!

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  1. Great "W's"...but I have a feeling that when your children are not around, and your out with friends, you COULD become a wild child...then come home to be a wacky, whimsical, worrier of a farmers daughter and super mom...debbie


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