Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The last ice cream social

There is a tradition here in town that on the Tuesday before the start of school, every elementary school hosts an ice cream social.  Here the children can see their friends, check out the class lists and eat ice cream (amazingly enough from a local source!!) while parents get to stand in line to pick up information packets, pay fees and make sure there is money in the lunch account.  Tons of fun.  Actually it isn't too bad and we usually enjoy it as we get to see other parents that we know.  But tonight was our LAST ice cream social ever!  K11 is a 6th grader and next year will move up to Junior high where there aren't such fun things as ice cream socials.
School starts on Thursday.  I think J17 is ready to get back (to start her senior year), I14 is a maybe (he'll be a freshman) and K11 is definitely dreading Thursday morning.  But, it's the start of a new school year already.  Where did the summer go?
I'm thinking if I save tomatoes for a few days to a week I may get enough to can a few pints.  Pretty pitiful. The cucumber vines dies suddenly- I suspect cucumber beetles.  I've got squash bugs on my pattypans and we're still plagued by grasshoppers.  But, the tomatoes are super tasty this year and we'll have hot peppers ;)
Evidently V's brother K was quite impressed with the food over the weekend.  It seems that neither he or his wife take the time to actually cook and having REAL food was a treat.  Of course, we didn't eat any differently than we usually do- local meats and fresh, seasonal produce.  Still, it's nice to get some acknowledgement from someone who doesn't normally eat that way that it tastes much better.
Micah is still our only layer but she is producing fairly regularly.  She's given us 5 eggs in 8 days- pretty exciting stuff!  Of course, they are still tiny pullet eggs, but we'll take what we can get.


  1. I always love it when that happens...my SIL and husband came to stay with us years ago and kept saying OMG! You don't have to cook these lavish meals!! We can eat lunch meat...and my husband said--we always eat like this. It really was [mostly]everyday fare I was cooking!

    School started here today. Crazy. Didn't we always go back to school right AFTER Labor Day???

  2. Squash bugs and cuke beetles and grasshoppers here too, weird year! I for one, am definitely ready for school to start!


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