Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hope all are well!

I've seen from several 'blog buddies' that they have weathered Irene reasonably well.  Still a few to check in but so far it looks good.  I talked to Mom and she said my sister in the DC area called this morning.  They are without power but with no damage.  And my niece and nephew also out east are well.
I don't think V has heard yet from his friend Eileen how they fared.  They are in Annapolis, MD.  We are scheduled to go out to visit them the weekend of Sept 10 so we hope they are well.  We've been waiting to make our flight plans until after the hurricane.
It seems that V's sister L has had the worst damage of anyone personally connected to us.  They live in Philadelphia  and at last word had four feet of water in their basement.  She says that if it gets much deeper they will have to leave as they can't count on the foundation being sound.  I do hope they will get through without to much damage.  They have had minor flooding before so they had already moved many things out of the basement but still... four feet of water!
All in all, I'm so glad that things weren't as bad for many as they had predicted.  It is terrible that there were lives lost.  But it does reinforce that we are at the mercy of nature and will have to take whatever she chooses to give us.
I'm playing a game with nature right now.  It looked on radar like there was rain coming and it got cloudy.  Hurrah!  Unfortunately, it was beginning to look like it was going to fizzle and the main band move South.  So, I went out and watered the garden... that will make it re-strengthen, right??  Maybe I should wash the car as well....


  1. This day could have been so much worse, thankfully it did not pan out to be devestating for too many people. It really does remind us that we need to be prepared for any event that could leave us in the dark and without our modern conveniences.

  2. I'm glad that your family is okay. It rained here for all of 3 minutes yesterday.
    I sure hope you hear from your friend soon.

  3. Oh no, I hope V's sister has a better report today, basement flooding is so stressful! We're okay here, much better than some of our neighbors.

  4. Glad most of your friends made it through ok. Am sorry about all the water in V's sister's basement. That would stress me out for sure! My cousin in CT was ok. He sent me photos of the flooding there. My nephew in Richmond, Va had a Huge tree come down and land only 2 feet from his house. He was darn lucky, but it did take down the electrical lines. It is a shame that so many lives were lost. But some of them could have been prevented if the people would have stayed in the house like they were supposed too....debbie


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