Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tomato fun

I've got two tomato related announcements this evening.
First, I managed to can six quarts of tomato sauce this evening.  Woot!!  And I was worried I wouldn't get anything this year.  Now I've got some pints of diced tomatoes from last week and now some sauce.
Second- I got an email at work this afternoon.  It seems that there is going to be a 'tomato tasting' at work on Friday.  There are enough gardeners excited about their tomatoes that someone has planned a taste and compare session over lunch.  I'll have to take a few different tomatoes to share.  It should be fun.
In non tomato news...  we had another two eggs this afternoon.  I went out after work and Buffy and Micah were sharing the nest box. Eddie was also quite interested in what they were doing and trying to join them so I don't think it will be long before she joins the fun.
And at work today I officially signed and approved the change of status for my job.  I am now, as of Sept 1, only employed 90%.  Soon....


  1. You're gonna love 90%, those two days a month make all the difference. I'm on 90% at the U and between my and my husband's schedule our son gets nearly a whole week of mommy/daddy time every other week.

  2. Ireally like the idea of a tomato tasting day!! What a great idea!! Will take the guessing about what tomatoes you want to grow next year!! Congrats on the official 90% work week! ...debbie

  3. Tomato tasting sounds fun! Congrats on that canning, I know you were worried there wouldn't be any, so this is great news!

  4. I know how happy you must be to have more time to enjoy life. Congrats on that.
    The tlmto tsting sounds awesome! Good thing you grew heirlooms!


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