Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cooking ahead for a busy week

In addition to other things, I spent some time today doing some cooking ahead for the next couple of days.  V announced this morning that he really wanted chicken enchiladas for dinner.  So I cooked up a package of chicken thighs.  Since I only needed some of the meat, I've still got some chicken and broth left over. That will be for Tuesday's chicken and rice.
I also cooked some beef bones/stock for tomorrow's vegetable soup.  So, now my fridge is full of stock for a couple of meals ahead.  I really need to get going on a couple of sewing projects so I'm hoping to streamline things.  I work 6 days in a row this week so I've got to be organized in order to get anything done at home.  The whole furnace going out and subsequent cookie baking threw off my weekend plans.
We got a small tree for the basement and decorated that this afternoon.  The cats have been having fun climbing the big tree upstairs so we haven't put any ornaments on it yet.  They seem less interested today than they did yesterday so maybe the novelty has worn off.  Last year, they got bored with it after a bit and pretty much left it alone.
J17 has been working on my new website- although I don't have any merchandise to show or a place to host it yet.  She has to do a project for her independent study computer graphics/web design class so she is using my new hopeful business.  Two birds with one stone!  She has designed a logo for me:

She also created a banner that will be used at the website and that is up at my new blog where I'll be posting about business and sewing projects.  I can't wait to get through all this holiday stuff to have more time to focus on sewing... at least before gardening season sets in!!
Now, I've got to see how J17 is doing cutting out her next sewing project and get to work on my own!


  1. You are one busy lady. That's all I have to say!

  2. Very busy! I'm looking forward to checking out your website when it's up.

  3. I REALLY LIKE YOUR NEW LOGO!! Reminds me of "things Past". Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!! ...debbie MERRY CHRISTMAS

  4. Mama Pea- says the woman who I think doesn't sleep!!
    tpals- I've got to get some stuff made before I can put up the website. But we've got a friend who owns a web-hosting service so I don't think the site to host it will be a problem.
    Karen- doesn't she do good work.
    Debbie- She did a great job... speaking of sleeves, I think I need to make some tonight.

  5. The new business and blog sounds intriguing! Funny, I made 5 trays of chicken enchiladas too, that's always a hit here with no complaints from the kids :)


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