Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I spent some time this afternoon comforting my darling daughter.  She received disappointing news in the mail.  She has had her heart set on one college to attend.  Even though V and I have strongly encouraged her to have plan B (and C and D if necessary), she has resisted applying anywhere else. But, today she learned that, while she was accepted into the university itself, she was not accepted into the fiercely competitive art/design program there.
After a few moments of mourning, we embarked on a quest for more programs.  She is looking for an affordable (HA!!) program with a BFA in Graphic Design.   We found a few possibilities this afternoon and the search will continue.   At least she still has time to apply to other places.  Of course, we also told her that it would be OK if she took a year off between high school and college.  We'll see what happens.


  1. Have you looked at Biola? My cousin is a graphic designer and got her degree there. I believe they offer scholarships. Good luck!

  2. Oh, thats sad! The same happened to my son though his twin got in everywhere she applied which made it all worse of course! He lerned his lesson for sure.
    University of Wisconsin Stephens Point has that program but she has to go up for portfolio review after two years of fundamental classes before being accepted formally into the program.

  3. I would second what Linda said, since the first 2 years are basically the same everywhere, if she can't find another to go to her "dream school" and keep on reapplying for the design school within. Or is she wanting to go to a strictly design school that isn't a 4 year program? I know she will find something, she seems like a smart girl with lots of options, I'm pulling for her!

  4. Send her here to West Virginia! Both WVU and Marshall have Graphic Design programs. My best friends daughter graduated from Marshall from a Graphic Design program. Good luck to her....debbie

  5. I just stopped by to say hello. I saw your comment over at Krazy Acres and thought I might be able to "put you over" LOL!!! From the comments here I see we "know" some of the same folks too! Small world isn't it?

  6. Oh that is crushing! Here is hoping she finds something that ends up being an even better fit for her! She does beautiful work.

  7. I know she must be heartbroken, but as a graphic designer myself, I know there are literally hundreds of other good options out there. Good luck with the search. And chin up!

    If she decides to take a year after high school, working "in the trade" is valuable experience, even if it's not a design position. I've learned more "on the job" than what any school could teach me.

  8. Such tough news to take. But with supportive parents like you and V, she'll find the right spot. Just because it doesn't happen the first go-round, doesn't mean it's out of the question. Where there's a will, there's a way. I agree with Erin. If your daughter is attending her dream school, she would already have a foot in the door.

  9. 2 Tramps- Thanks for the tip- I checked it out. She doesn't want to go to CA.
    Linda- sometimes they learn the hard way, don't they. Thanks for the tip. Many places she will have to do a portfolio review, either a year or two in or to get into the program.
    Erin- She is thinking about going there anyway and seeing if she can get into the program next year. We've convinced her that a 4 year degree will serve her better in the long run than just a design degree from somewhere- it's much more 'portable'
    Debbie- I'll have her check our West VA. She is actually looking at Missouri State as an option. At least she's got time.
    SiFiChick- Thanks for putting me over the top. It is a small world in blogland.
    Author- She is actually holding up pretty well after the initial shock. She does do great work which is why she was so surprised that her 'art test' she had to do to get into this particular program was rejected. But she's got a pretty decent portfolio that she can build on.
    Karen- thanks for the words of support. She's looking.
    Mama Pea- she is one determined girl (I would use the word stubborn on occasion!!) She is weighing her options at the moment.

    Thanks to all for your words of support. They are much what we have been telling her. She was upset but has worked through it pretty quickly.


  10. Judy, Oh goodness that must have been hard..I know my Son was rejected from flying the F18'sin the military.. We always told him to have plans B and C and D like you..(((Hugs ))) to her and you...

    I have a friend who is a graphic designer and he got his degree at ISU... Just a thought there..

    I know she will make a good decision she is a very smart girl and you have showed her sewing talents to..She is well grounded.. And she has you and V to thank in how you have raised her so she can soar like a eagle...


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