Thursday, December 15, 2011

An interesting quandry

I made a discovery today.  One that has me wondering.  Hmm, what to do... what to do...
It seems that I have maxed out my vacation accrual at work.  It is kind of hard to keep track of- I have to log in and check my stats and they only have it updated through the end of October- they're just now entering the November payroll stuff for vacations.  Anyway- as of Oct 31, I had 331 hours of vacation time available.  I didn't take any vacation in November and I now (at 90%) accrue 14.4 hours per month. So, theoretically, of December 1, I should have 345 (approximate) hours.  Well, my maximum accrual is 345 hours.  Oops.  I know I will have 4 hours of vacation time coming out at the end of the month, but, in order to not loose time, I think I may have to take 10 hours of vacation before the end of the month.   I need to check with our secretary who does the payroll tomorrow.  Hmm, this could be interesting.  I HAVE to take vacation or I lose the hours.  Good thing I already turned in my request for those two days in January.
No sewing for me tonight.  I'm taking a break from clean-up right now.  V created a huge mess today and there is dust EVERYWHERE! BUT I'm not complaining!!!!!!   We have baseboards and trim in the kitchen and bath!!!!!  So I can stand a little dust.  Things needed dusted anyway ;-)
So, I finally get my finished room!!  The kitchen is DONE!!!  The bathroom still needs the trim around the window but everything else is done.  WOOT!!  Best present ever!!
And now for some random Thursday things.
Chickens are being amazing producers for December.  We got 7 eggs today and  6 each Tuesday and Wednesday.  We need to eat some eggs!!  Maybe I can sell a few at work next week.  Or I need to bake up a storm.  Ooo, springerle uses lots of eggs.  Hmm.....
We've still got a few gifts to pick up for the children but hopefully will do that Saturday when V picks me up from work.  But I do need to get wrapping!!
And, of course, all the cookies I baked last weekend are gone.  I guess I'm just going to have to make a few more for the holidays.
I'm still not really into the holiday spirit.  It seems hard to believe that Christmas is only a few more days away.  I've still got lots to do.  Of course, the weather isn't helping. It was mid 50s yesterday- definitely NOT winter weather.
I may not be ready for Christmas but I can't wait for Solstice.  I absolutely can not wait for the days to start getting longer again.   It is so depressing to leave for work in the dark and return home in the dark.  V was complaining about having to do chicken stuff since these are supposed to be MY chickens.  But, there are things that need to be done in the daylight that I just can't do from work.  I need to remind him to give them some treats of scratch grains when he lets them out because he seems to forget that often.
Enough babbling-  I'm obviously trying to avoid cleaning up.


  1. Hope you can take some of that vacation - or maybe you can "give" it to someone that has used all their's up due to illness? You keep an amazing schedule - you definitely deserve some time off!!

  2. I wish I had that problem. I only accrue 8 hours a month and with an inflexible full time schedule I have to take vacation hours to meet a plumber, take an animal to the vet, etc. I never get to take a vacation just to have a vacation. If I were in your shoes, I'd take two weeks off straight away! :)

  3. I'll be thinking of you when cleaning kitchen cabinets today! Yup, we're in the same sawdusty boat because of remodeling! But, as you say, it's worth the mess to see things like that trim and finish stuff go up! Don't let that vacation time slip away from you. You've earned it and can well use it! Too many eggs? How 'bout a batch of Deviled Eggs? I tend to forget about them in the winter (why should they be just for summer?) but whenever I make them, they are much enjoyed.

  4. No quandary there - take that time, mama! You deserve it!

  5. I have to admit that I've never heard of vacation days given in HOURS!!! How petty. Can't they just do "Days" like a normal company?? I found that so funny. Glad to hear the kitchen is DONE and hope we get some photos!! and the bathroom! it'll be done before you know it!...and do take those
    "hours" off for Pete's sake. You can spend them wrapping!! lol ...debbie

  6. 2 Tramps- I know we can give sick time (of which I have 500+hours) but I don't think we can donate vacation time.
    April- I've worked here long enough (17 years) that I get more vacation time. But the reason I've got so much built up (it's been 11 years since my last maternity leave wiped it all out) is that it is so hard to take vacation. Usually my vacations are for doing something like remodeling the kitchen. But I have to make sure I have someone who can cover my patients when I'm off. sigh... it's never easy.
    Mama Pea- Mmm... deviled eggs. I know the children would snarf those down in a heartbeat. Great idea.
    Erin- but I have to find coverage to take vacation. If it was only easy.
    Debbie- For a full day off, I take 8 hours of vacation time. That way I can take part days or an hour here or there for appointments without using a full day. It really does make sense if you think of it that way.

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  8. My hubby complains about taking care of the chickens too, he says the same thing "these are supposed to be YOUR chickens"! Have a happy holiday!

  9. Melissa- LOL! I told him that when he figures out how to change the rotation of the earth so the days are longer in the winter that I'll take care of ALL the chicken stuff.


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