Monday, December 26, 2011

On to the next project

Christmas is past.  We had a lovely time.  On Saturday, we went down to my parent's home for Christmas dinner and a gift exchange.  My sister, BIL and two nephews from Colorado were there, as was my brother and SIL from here in town.  My nephew, the chef, also came down. He has recently gotten his own car so it was all very exciting for him to be able to come by himself.  A grand time was had by all. My quilted pot holders were well received. (Joyce, I will get yours in the mail soon-  oops)
Christmas day, we had a quiet day here at home.  The children were up early- amazingly, since I can barely drag them out of bed on weekends usually!  I had prepared some overnight cinnamon rolls the night before so just had to pop them into the oven while we opened gifts.  Truly delightful.  We didn't have an overboard gift giving.  I got my serger, a new pair of slippers and a lovely pair of earrings from J17.  Oh, and an IOU from V.  He had intended to order some soaker hoses for me for the garden next year but time got away from him.  That's OK. My serger was a HUGE gift.
V loves his jacket. He does look really sharp in it.  Of course, he says his beard is too shaggy to look really sophisticated.  I'll get some photos of him posing in it sometime.
Now, I'm onto new things. I do want to play with my serger but I'm kind of waiting until my week off in January so I can really spend some quality time with it.  I did read through the manual yesterday.  But I need a project.  I had thought to maybe work on a wall quilt or two next but I'm not so sure.  I found some white shirting fabric (two pieces of the same fabric that I inherited from someone) that should be enough to make a Victorian shirt for V.  I've got the pattern,  it's another one from Folkwear.  I've even got some subtle white on white stripes that I may use for the bib of the shirt and the cuffs, just to jazz it up a little.  I've also got plans in the works to make him a brocade vest.  It seems that my little side venture is beginning more with menswear than anything else.   Of course,  lots of sites that I've seen selling Victoriana/Steampunk clothing seem to focus more on women's fashion than menswear.  And, honestly, I think menswear is easier to sew... far fewer ruffles!
So, I'll cut out the shirt tomorrow.  The cut and construction are pretty similar to the multitude of US Cavalry shirts I made years ago so I'm not anticipating too much trouble with it.  I've got one more day of my Christmas break left, I work four days (Wed through Saturday) and then....  I've got 8 days off!!  THAT should be glorious!!  I've got to get myself organized for all the projects I want to get done.  And, of course, I need to find time to peruse the seed catalogues.  It is about that time.....


  1. I'm often hearing about cinnamon rolls and wonder how you make them so you pop them in the oven for breakfast. Do you raise them overnight? On the bench? Fridge?

    Kind Regards,
    Julia (in New Zealand)

  2. Hi Judy, so glad you had a lovely Christmas. :)

    Wow! Already have plans for your week off. That's great. I hope you have fun with your new serger. I still need to get my sewing machine back. It is being held for ransom at the repair shop. lol

    Gotta run, take care Janet W

  3. Julia- I'll try to post my recipe sometime. I mix up the dough, let it raise for an hour then shape it into the rolls. I put them into a greased pan, cover and put into the fridge overnight. Since it is cold, they raise slowly. In the morning, you uncover them and pop them directly into your oven to bake. I'm not sure if it is the recipe or the slow rise but they are so tender and yummy.
    Janet- I need to get my sewing machine serviced- or at least I need to give it a good cleaning after working with all that velvet- I've got red fuzz all over everything.

  4. Christmas sounds great at your house! I too am looking forward to spending some time sewing in a couple of days, I'm hoping the kids got enough Legos to keep them out of my hair LOL

  5. Can't wait to see how your new Surger is to work with. I can't imagine sewing on one myself. Isn't is comfusing? I love homemade C-rolls!! Nothing quite like them! yummy! ...debbie


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