Saturday, December 3, 2011

Paged to the ER

Fortunately, it wasn't bad.
Yesterday afternoon, about 3:30, my pager went off at work.  It was a text to call the emergency room.  NEVER a good thing!!  Our friend Sharon was in the ER and wanted me to get in touch with Roger.  She had been at work and had become dizzy and short of breath- bad enough that her employer thought to get her to the hospital.  Fortunately, it was nothing serious- well, not bad- serious.  She was dehydrated, overstressed, overworked and not sleeping.  The poor thing, she has been so stressed, taking on more and more responsibilities since Roger had his amputation.
I did manage to get hold of Roger- he already had gotten her phone message.  V picked me up from work and we went to their house, brought in the mail and walked the dog since Roger doesn't have his prosthesis yet and can't walk their energetic big dog.
Sharon was released and we picked her up at the ER and took her to her car which was still at work.  I did admonish her that "IT IS OK TO ASK FOR HELP!!!"  I'll have to be more diligent about checking in with HER and not just Roger to see how things are going.

Today, I finally got the heat lamp hung in the chicken coop for when the temps get really frigid this winter.  We've got spoiled chickens.  We've already got the heated water base so their water doesn't freeze.  For the heat lamp, we found a 'thermo-cube' with a built in thermostat that will turn the lamp off and on between preset temperatures so it isn't on all the time.

I'm planning to cut out V's smoking jacket this afternoon.  I haven't had time to get to it yet and I wanted to prewash the fabric.  Yes, even the velvet.  I know that this jacket will get thrown in the wash so I want the fabric to be able to stand up to it.
J17 is working to design a logo for me.  For one of her computer graphics classes she is taking, she had to design one anyway so she is using my hopeful business to kill two birds with one stone.  I'll hopefully be unveiling a new blog soon for the crafty stuff.  I have secured a custom domain and may ask our friend Mike if he will host it for me.  I do think J17 is at least as excited about this venture as I am.

Gotta go- I've got too much on my list for the day to spend much time with blogger... as tempting as it is. I've already wasted time researching sergers.  I'm thinking that maybe I'll ask Santa for one of those.  Anyone have any recommendations or warnings??  I've used one before but don't own one.


  1. WASTED time researching a serger??! No such thing! Like you, I've used one but have never owned one so I'm no help with recommendations. So sorry your friend Sharon is having such a hard time of it. As you know, it's very hard for we women who take care of everybody and everything else to ask for help for ourselves. Sending a prayer that things ease up for her soon. It's a rough season we're in if you're already overloaded and stressed.

  2. Mama Pea- well, I've got so many other things on my list that it seemed that I could have spent my time differently- although I know that researching a new toy errr, tool- is an important step.
    And don't I know it that it's hard to ask for help. Hopefully thing will get a bit better soon for Roger and Sharon. He hopes to get his prosthesis in about 2 weeks. He had an appointment last week and he wasn't quite healed to the point where they thought he was ready. But the prosthetics guy said he'd be walking by Christmas. What a fabulous present!!


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