Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Isn't it pretty??

 V was hard at work at home today!  He put up the chair rail in the kitchen!!
That's a shot of the tall cabinet by the dining room.  I didn't show you the garbage can ;)
Isn't it lovely!!??   He does such nice work.  Here's a close up:
I really, really loved the little leaf motif on this.
Now, I think we need a few bits of baseboard in place and the kitchen will be FINISHED!!  Two rooms in one week- be still my heart!!!
Things will slow down a little in the next few weeks, he does have some contract writing to do for his employer, and, good news, his other employer (who lost her contract a while ago so no more subcontracting to him) has more work for him. Hooray!!  And a writing assignment that's just up his alley.  He needs to write an article on how to cut your energy bill without spending lots of money.  I do think he could almost write that one in his sleep, not only from our own experience but because his other job is for an energy company and he writes about energy all the time.
Work for me was hectic and now, once again we've got a band concert this evening (I14 this time). At least this concert starts a little later so we're not quite so rushed. But still, I've gotta go feed people.


  1. Awesome two things completed..I am so happy for you....
    I remember the band concerts...Loved going to them at this time of year...
    It sure has turned to winter for us now...
    Glad to hear hubby has more work..
    Have a great day tomorrow....

  2. That is so great two finished rooms! WOOHOO!! Love the chair rail. And the colors.

    Great that your husband has more work.

    Enjoy your day. Take care, Janet W

  3. The chair rail is so nice!! and I like the little leaf motif myself. Don't believe I've seen that one before, but I really like it. You are really moving along in the house finishing department!! Glad to hear V has more work to keep him out of trouble! How nice another concert! Your lives are just full of lovely music! I like that!! ...debbie

  4. What lovely molding! I haven't seen that before - it is so delicate. How nice to have two rooms almost done before the holidays!

  5. Lisa- it does seem to have finally decided it is winter here. I'm also glad that V has work. It keeps him out of trouble!!
    Janet- they're not QUITE finished but close enough to celebrate! I've been on a green and yellow kick recently in decorating- who knows- a couple of years ago it was black and burgundy.
    Debbie and Susan- you haven't seen that chair rail before and won't find it anywhere. V constructed it himself out of bits of stock molding. I couldn't find a chair rail I liked and totally fell in love with the little leaf motif on a bit of stock half inch molding so he worked his magic. He is amazing!!


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