Saturday, March 3, 2012

Independence Days- week 4

I'm a day late- but not a dollar short.  It's time for my Independence Days check in.  It has been a bit of a weird week with much of last weekend spent doing other things.  But here goes:
Plant something- nothing this week, but all my little seedlings are up and doing well.  With the warm weather we're having, seeming like an early spring- I may plant some experimental kale in the garden under a row cover in a week or two to see if I can jump start the gardening season.  Usually it's April for early stuff but maybe I'll try mid March this year.
Harvest something-  Again- only eggs.  30 again this week- the girls are consistent at least.  And River has started laying again.  We got our first blue egg in a couple of months on Thursday.
Preserve something- more dried orange peel for future baking.  I picked up some blood oranges at the store (on sale for $.99/lb!!) and since I was juicing some for blood orange and cream sauce for our chicken last night, I decided to save the zest.  Other than that- not much.
Waste not- the usual: scraps to chickens, recycling, composting.  Scored another egg carton from work. I do need to bring in the rest of my seed starting stuff from the barn and get it cleaned before I really need it.  I reuse my old flats for, I think, forever.  I did get some new flats last year as my old, old ones were looking really bad and were starting to leak.
Want not- stocked up on some dried fruits and such at Stringtown.  Placed our order for beef that will arrive sometime in May.   Cheese curds were gone within the day. We also hit up the 'truckload' sale at the grocery.  Even though I'm not thrilled about factory farmed meat, we got a whole pork loin, a case of ground turkey and some chicken breasts for the freezer.
Eat the food- lots of sourdough bread.  I may experiment with crackers today.  And Eggs... we eat eggs with regularity.  Still working on eating from the freezer and pantry.  I have realized that I have LOTS of dried beans that we need to eat so we can refresh the stocks. I'm seeing some soup in the future.
Build community food systems- nothing this week unless ordering seeds for Mom counts.
Skill up- I've got nothing this week other than some CEU stuff for work.

Now, I'm going to go edge and wash baby quilt fabric.  Should be fun.


  1. I'll be thinking of you today playing with your fabric! Don't forget the pictures, please.

    1. I went through my stash and found the perfect blue. So, I'm planning 6 inch blocks of the main jungle animal print with alternate 4 patches of the leopard, orange, blue and green. Bordered with the stripes. I've got a plan! While I know that single blocks would be faster than the 4 patches I think it will still go quickly and will be more interesting. That and a huge patch of that leopard print may be a bit much!!

  2. Asparagus was on sale last week for $.99 a pound! I bought a whole sack full and froze it. You can NEVER have too much asparagus!

    1. I love it when I can score a good deal on something that we like. Asparagus we can usually get from my mother as ours is still too small to harvest (maybe a stalk or two this year!) but citrus- we can't grow that here other than my Meyer lemon in a pot. And blood oranges are SO cool.

  3. You always inspire me with your checklists! Sounds like the baby quilt is going to be awesome too! Can't wait to see it (assuming you'll take so photos?)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. You're pretty inspiring yourself with all your creativity. I do love the IDC because it helps me see that all the little things I do every week actually count for something. And, of course I'll take photos of baby quilt in progress.


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