Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A name change

We had a birthday at our house today.  K11 is now officially K12.  My baby boy is growing up!  He is already taller than I am.  How quickly they grow up.
I got his cake baked yesterday and decorated it quickly after work today.  I have to admit, it wasn't one of my better cakes. The concept was good but the execution left something to be desired.  I should have taken the time to do fondant- but I didn't have that kind of time since I had to get cake decorated and dinner on the table so J17 could get to her violin lesson by 7:15  (I got home about 5:15)
We had way too much teenage drama yesterday, starting with J17 getting her car stuck in the snow and ending with her getting lost on her way to an orchestra concert at a new venue.  But, the concert was beautiful and the new auditorium was quite nice.
Otherwise, I feel like I spent the day yesterday spinning my wheels.  V and I ran errands in the morning- including picking up gifts for K12.  Then I had to bake cake and muffins for him to take to school for birthday treats.  I made apple/cinnamon/oatmeal muffins.  He said everyone loved them.  I just hope he didn't let on that they are actually good for you ;-)
I also spent part of the day working on stocking a bug out bag, something I have been thinking about but haven't really done- yeah- I'm THAT unprepared.  But all the tornadoes recently have made me realize that I need to have a few things collected- just in case. I do think I've got V finally convinced that he needs to help update the Grab and Go folder.
Today, I was back to work.  Sad, because the weather was absolutely gorgeous today (we hit 70*F!).  But, good thing I was at work or Spring Fever would have hit BAD!  But, work was rough. In addition to being down one staff, we had another out sick today so I picked up part of her work as well as my own.  Combine that with an hour long staff meeting an it made for an incredibly busy day.
Now I'm tired but I've still got lots to do this week.  We've got a big weekend coming up and next week is spring break for the children. We'll be doing some plumbing this weekend and then, when the pipes are rerouted we'll be doing some other construction so we can finally get into finishing the basement ceilings.
I also want to head to my parent's this weekend.  We ordered some stuff from a local club down there that is to come in this week and I don't want them to have to store it in their freezer for too long.  I also want to get Mom her tomato seeds.  She told me I could take some for myself as well. Woo Hoo.  Just what I needed- more tomatoes!


  1. Congratulations on yet another birthday!

    1. Thanks. I can't believe he's getting that big!


  2. Congrats! I am in the same boat as you, trying to get things prepared in the event we get a tornado. It is just devastating to hear about it all on the news, with is only being March! But hopefully it inspired people to keep an eye on the weather and have a plan in place.

    1. You would think that where we live and with all the close calls with tornados that I would have my act more together. But, it is just one of those things I've always thought about but just never done. Maybe it's just that now that I've got a little more time to myself I'm finally getting it together.


  3. Happy Birthday to him! You sound so busy it's making MY head spin LOL!


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