Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday wonderings

Many things have been on my mind today.  Work was quite busy again.  Hopefully tomorrow will slow down a bit.   But, in spite of all that, I've had time to wonder...
Will the recent solar flares do anything dramatic?
Will we be able to work out finances to send J17 to the school of her dreams without too much hardship on the rest of the family?
Will we be able to do the plumbing reroutes quickly and easily on Saturday? Or will we be without water for a while?
Is this the end of winter?  After the next few days, the extended forecast calls for low temperatures not even below freezing.
Will I be brave enough to plant some cool loving seeds in the garden this weekend?
Will I be able to finish that baby quilt this weekend with all the construction plans?
Will I escape the stomach bug that seems to be going around work?
Will V's sister be able to get the cabins reserved for our family vacation this summer (we're all sharing 2 cabins this summer)?
Will I find a chicken and cat sitter while we're gone? (the dog will go to his favorite vacation kennel for the week)
Will I need a chicken sitter for the weekend MY family is having a get together?
Will J17 finish the dishes tonight?
How can I save a few more dollars each month to help the budget?
How can I get V a bit more on board with disaster preparation? (Not "Doomsday Preppers" extreme but ready for bad weather, power outages, etc)
Will I be able to get some decent sleep tonight?  For some reason I haven't been sleeping well recently and I really need some good rest.

Other than this.  I've got nothing.  Not much going on here other than my busy brain.


  1. LOL...sounds like a lot to me.

    We're caught in that nether-region between winter and spring. That's all...

    1. True... This is the time of year that seems the longest.
      And my brain is always busy.

  2. Well, with that many things whizzing around in your brain, I can understand why you're having trouble sleeping! I think Akannie is right . . . we're all coming out of our winter semi-hibernating period and realizing that with the change of the seasons, we have a whole other boat load of projects and tasks to think about. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing, but it sure does keep us hoppin'. If we could just convince our thinkers to shut off for several hours at night so we could get our rest and stay big and strong for it all!

    1. Oh, I would LOVE an off switch for my brain- as long as I remembered to turn it back on in the morning!!

  3. That's the one thing preventing me from having chickens - being in the military we leave home every time hubby takes time off, but no chicken sitter! The fact that they are illegal complicates things even further - we not only need a sitter, we need a sitter "on the down low", one that's okay with our blatant disregard for the law LOL! You WILL get that quilt done :)

    1. "The fact that they are illegal complicates things" I LOVE that! Blatant disregard for the law! I bet you could find a 'down low' chicken sitter- of course- trying to sell a house with illegal chickens may be a tad more interesting than you want to get.


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