Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pasta and Crackers and Spinach, Oh My!

I've been a busy girl today, but didn't accomplish very many things off my list.  I haven't worked on that baby quilt and I didn't get laundry sorted and put away- both things that really need done.  But I did have a bit of fun and got a few other things done.
I'm working on perfecting sourdough crackers:
 These are definitely a few steps up from my last batch.  Still not perfected but MUCH, MUCH better.  Using the pasta roller definitely helped get these to a cracker-y thinness.  I used 7 grain flour this time, which I'm really pleased with.  It gives them a bit more texture and a little crunch.
While I had the pasta roller out, I made some lemon pepper fettucini for dinner this evening.
I haven't made pasta for quite a while and I'm really pleased with how this turned out.  Definitely a keeper recipe- assuming it tastes as good as it smells.
V is still working on plumbing...  I KNEW it wasn't going to go as smoothly as he thought.  He expected to be done in 2-3 hours.  Yup... he's been at it for about 6 hours now.  But I only had to make one emergency run to the hardware store.  He hoped that the emergency vent/valve on the water heater was salvageable... it wasn't.
I also got the mulch off the strawberries, got the goth garden cleared off (there are already things coming up out there!!) and planted some spinach in the garden.
Oops- he's ready for dinner- finally...  Gotta go cook.


  1. .....I'm coming for supper. .....or probably lunch leftovers tomorrow :-)

    1. There is a little salmon and a bit of pasta in the fridge. I'll warm it up when you get here. I'll warn you- you'll have to fight my teenage son for it.

  2. See, once you have the pasta roller out, you just get carried away! I love how even it makes the crackers, so they bake uniformly! Also I sometimes roll them really thin, and they are almost like chips (and healthier than our usual chip indulgences).

    Hooray for planting, I'm planting today too, albeit indoors and under cover :) Good luck on the rest of the plumbing project, I know how those things can go!

    1. It has been so long since I've made pasta- I wonder why...
      I like your idea of rolling them super thin- maybe something to try. I'm making crackers to use my extra sourdough starter so I'm going to be making them pretty regularly, I think.
      And plumbing.... yeah... it's 830 am and we still don't have water.........


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