Thursday, March 15, 2012

One nice thing...

One thing about this unseasonably warm weather. Since I KNOW that it's too early to be out in the garden, I don't have to rush around when I get home from work. I actually took time to sit out on the deck and just enjoy the weather... unheard of!
I'm not sure but I think we may have hit 80 here today.  It was still 60F when I got up at 5:40 this morning.  Sunny and warm with a lovely breeze.  Ahh...  heavenly.  The trees are exploding into life so, so quickly and we're likely to actually have to mow the lawn soon!  But I can rake up those clippings for a little bit of chicken heaven.
I've given up stressing about the baby quilt.  I'm not likely to have it finished by Saturday, but I'm not going to the baby shower either, so I'll have Sunday and Monday to finish it up and give it to Katie on Tuesday at work.  I'd really like to go to the baby shower but I'm going to be out of town. The husband of one of my cousins passed away this week and the funeral is on Saturday so I'll be driving down to my parents again on Saturday.  V and the children will stay here so I'll be going on my own. The funeral is at 11 and even if I drove straight back afterwards (which is unlikely) I still wouldn't make it back in time for the shower.
This weekend I'll be starting my broccoli and cauliflower.  It seems so odd to be starting cool weather crops when it's 80 out there.  V has had the windows open recently and it hasn't done my tiny seedlings any good.  Evidently there was a bit of a breeze from the window and a few of them look a bit worse for wear- almost burned.  I've had them uncovered for a while because it was time- but I think the breeze dried out some of the leaves a bit.  Fortunately most of them look just fine.
Roger and Sharon came over for a bit this evening.  Roger was showing off how well (or not) he is getting around on his new prosthetic leg.   It was nice to see them.  We've been over to their house but Roger hasn't ventured out much (except to appointments and therapy) since his surgery last summer.  He is still struggling with stairs but otherwise is doing pretty well. We chatted for a while and sent them off with a dozen eggs.  Sharon said the eggs look too pretty to eat but thought they could probably manage.  She thought they may need to have some more before Easter so they wouldn't have to color eggs.  They would be quite welcome to more.

Today is the Ides of March... I hope there isn't anything to beware....


  1. Ides of march -oh my-I have to swag buck that one,I had complexity forgot,and i'm still a curios creature .I may learn all about it again and quick as a wink ,it will be gone from my head again.I just tell my self its stress ,but sometimes wonder.....

    1. The Ides of March is one of those random history/Shakespearean things that we remember here. "Beware the Ides of March"... it always sounds so sinister. The day that Julius Caesar was assassinated.... Oooo... before that it was just another day.


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