Friday, July 30, 2010

KinderGARDENS and a KinderCanner!

Sigh- the septic guys got rained out today. I'm not sure if they will be out tomorrow to finish or not. The county health inspector also needs to look at the system and he didn't show up today either.
It was too wet to get out in the garden and life has been a bit crazy around here lately. But, even with the rain, it was a fun, eventful day.
The Black Knight Scabiosa is blooming in the Goth Garden.
It looks much darker in person.
The first sunflower is blooming.
My pattypan squash are blooming like mad but no squash yet.
The Black Pearls are growing. The largest is only about half an inch across!
J16 and I had planned to go blueberry picking this morning but didn't go due to the impending rain. But, we ran a few other errands and had lots of fun.
We went to Kalona to the Amish bulk store at Stringtown and then stopped at the cheese factory. Next week is Eat Local week sponsored by the local food coop so we wanted to get a few things. We didn't anticipate getting these:
Three more barrels for holding rainwater.
The cheese factory periodically has 55 gallon barrels that they sell. These have previously contained sanitizer or water purifiers. They are a great deal if you are there when they have them. They sell them for $5 each or 3/$10. Since they had a whole stack (8 or 9 barrels) today and we happened to be driving the van and had the seats out, we got three!
We also had a great find while we were at Stringtown Grocery:
Possibly the tastiest peaches I have ever had!!
So we decided to make peach jam. I think it's great that J16 is eager to learn how to can and preserve food. There are so many people out there who have no idea and so many fewer people out there to learn from.
She even has pretty good knife skills for a teenager.
I've seen way to many adults who don't know how to handle a knife and it's scary to watch!
Mmm, seven jars of July Gelatinous Yum (as named by J16)
And of course, she helped clean up. LOL!!
Tomorrow she wants to make Baba Ganoush from the eggplant we picked this morning. Mmmm.....


  1. I am so very impressed not only that you taught her to can but that she actually wanted to learn...yeah!

    I feel you pain from the rain, it has been the weirdest summer here too,rain and cold the a few days of hot and then back to cool...ughh!

    Great post and eat some jam for me! Kim

  2. Your daughter is lucky to have someone to show her how to can. I never learned-didn't WANT to know at that age. She's a smart cookie.....

  3. Oh, it never fails. It's probably been dry for a week and now, all of a sudden while your trying to do something requiring nice rains! BaHumbug! Your jam looks just too yummy! Your daughter looks happy as a clam while cleaning up! The benefits of cooking as I see it!! Hope the inspector comes Monday....debbie

  4. Baba Ganoush yum! I made that last year for a party and it was a huge hit! I even grilled the pitas, that was a nightmare LOL, I went through 3 packages because my grill is so hot it was burn city!

    Plants look great! I wish I had pestered my mom more about canning, although she did teach me the basics, it was probably against my will as a teenager LOL

  5. Hi Judy !!

    Are you in Branson now?? Hope you guys are having a ball.

    Your jam looks great...I make mine with chunks too. lol Can I get your peach salsa recipe?? I would love it--any minute now, I'm gonna be up to my wazoo in peaches...

    Take care my friend...

  6. Akannie- we leave early tomorrow and will be back Wednesday. We're hoping to pick up a few more Missouri peaches on our way home.
    I'll send you my peach salsa recipe when I get home- although it's the one from the Ball book (the complete book, not the blue book). My sister told me that her teenage son essentially inhaled the jar of peach salsa I gave them at the holidays so it must be OK.

  7. Oh! That jam looks divine! Learning how to can is on my bucket list. ;) Great job!

  8. That jam looks great! Hope it dries out enough soon for you septic system work.

  9. She named it well I think! I also want to learn to can. Maybe one day I'll learn and get over the fear, my mom passed on to me, that I'll kill someone with my canned foods.

  10. Hand claps for you and your dd canning together. Awesome memories and so much fun.

    I hope to do pickles with my son in a week or two.

    I think it's important for the next generation to know where their food comes from, even if they don't use the skills as an adult.


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