Thursday, April 14, 2011


That was work today.  Busy, relentless and stressful.  Oh, there were some high points that reminded me of why I love my job- but today was pretty much just awful.  At least tomorrow is Friday and I'm not working this weekend.
But, some positive about the day.  V declared the new basement door finished (stained and finished) and we carried it into the house so he could install it.  This is the new door to replace the one we trashed to get the corner cabinet into the kitchen.  Well, actually, the old door was already trashed- we just helped it along...  So now the new door is installed and it is beautiful.  I'll have to get some pictures to post.
And it seems that Justine got the internship with 'the herb lady'.  She will go over on Saturday afternoon to find out more.  It figures... I can barely get her to help me around the garden and she's going to work for someone else for free.  Hmmm...  of course, I don't count as a job reference.  But maybe she can get paid in herbs ;-) That would be nice.
The weather has taken a turn to colder and windy.  My little plants are still looking well after the chipmunk ravages of yesterday but I worry about the wind.  I dusted them down with cayenne pepper to help deter the little critters- and I moved them to a different location.  If the weather cooperates, I will plant out the cabbage and kale this weekend.  We're supposed to get rain tomorrow into Saturday morning so I may not be able to get into the garden.  We'll see.  I also would like to get some onions and peas planted if I can.
Now, it's bed time.  I'm tired. And tomorrow at work looks just about as busy as today.


  1. Yikes,sorry about the bad day at work! I hope the weather tomorrow cooperates so you can at least have a relaxing weekend. Congrats to J16, that's a really cool opportunity for a teen - even for no pay LOL!

  2. Sorry about the bad day. What garden zone are you in?

  3. Erin- I really hopes she learns some cool stuff about herbs that she will share with me.
    Wisegoat acres- we're in zone 5a. Pretty darn close to 4 so our last frost date isn't until mid May. But things are greening up and sprouting. Ahhh, spring.

  4. Anxious to see the floor all done and the new door! You guys don't mess around with your projects!! Good for you!! Hope your weather holds out for you this weekend.


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